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Shaw Vineyard's 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon was released only this year, in adherence towinemaker Steve Shaw's philosophy that Finger Lakes reds should age for several years much like a Bordeaux.

There is no IVA on books, newspapers, magazines, maps and some other kinds of printed matter, as Hacienda (in adherence to the law) recognizes them as "educational materials".

When you recruit three friends to participate in the transformation with you, you actually greatly increase your chances of creating long-term adherence to your new health habits—at least according to one study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Once strong rules, regulations and enforcements are put in place and control and adherence is observed, if seen as needed, adjustments can be made.

What makes you think team adherence is a matter of geography?

After taking her class in spring 2008, Bryce Burton -- a May 2009 K-State graduate in kinesiology from Lyons -- decided to study the effects of people's body image on their long-term adherence to physical activity.

"Long-term adherence is meeting one of these guidelines every week for more than six months," she said.

And the more like rocket science one's diet plan feels, Todd and Mata report, the less likely that long-term adherence and maintenance is to succeed.

"This should be an additional reason to encourage patients to carry out several types of physical activity to avoid exercise boredom and promote better long-term adherence to exercise programs," Dr. Vona said.

"Long-term adherence to training programs is necessary to maintain vascular benefits on endothelial function," Dr. Vona said.

"These data imply that good, long-term adherence to training programs is necessary to maintain vascular benefits on endothelial dysfunction."

"These data imply that good, long-term adherence to training programs is necessary to maintain vascular benefits on endothelial dysfunction," Vona said.

That's mostly because real doctors and scientists can see quite plainly that long term adherence to starvation diets of 500 calories a day with or without daily hormone injects like hCG have about zero chance of improving your health.

However, long-term adherence to the program may be a problem in elderly people with high blood pressure, Tang said.

Actions of Maoist cadres which involve violence or threats of violence and do not respect pluralism or the rule of law, the failure of the party leadership to take firm action against those who commit such acts, and internal ideological debates which do not convey a clear long-term adherence to multi-party democracy - all these lead some to question the sincerity of the strategic choice the CPN (M) committed itself to in the 12-Point Understanding, or the ability of its leadership to ensure that the party as a whole respects it.

According to Dr Shai, "Even if we experience some partial weight re-gain over time, long-term adherence to weight loss diets are effective for reversing carotid atherosclerosis as long as we stick to one of the current options of healthy diet strategy.

In this bath the print acquires a deep blue coloration, consisting of Prussian blue, and the ground becomes tinted with a blue precipitate without adherence, which is easily washed off by throwing the liquid on the proof with a wooden spatula, or, better, by rubbing with a rag tied to a stick.

Three forms of adherence, which is defined as the subject's behavior that corresponds to agreed recommendations by his or her physical therapist, were measured-adherence to home exercises, home activities, and increased physical activity.

High antiretroviral therapy adherence, which is shown to be a major predictor of HIV disease progression and survival, is now associated with lower health care costs, according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

At some point in the game, creation is defined as adherence to Archbishop Ussher's chronology for the Bible-the claim that God must have created the universe and everything within it in the last 6,000 years or so.

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