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Here, in addition, is an index to those houses, with special notes of my own to every house.

She has been well cautioned, and, in addition, is not the sort of person who would assist a young lady in carrying on a clandestine correspondence.

June 25th, 2009 3: 54 pm ET the only thing that will convince Americans to change their addition is their pocket – I love the times when gallon was $5.00 at the pump

This addition is an improvement because these factors are obviously appropriate criteria for measuring the performance of a broker in making a recommendation.

While experience search marketers will prefer to manage their ads on a more micro level, this addition is a great option for those who have limited time and money to actively manage their AdWords campaign.

A label addition citing potential suicide risks could affect Pfizer more than other companies, because its drug Lyrica is a relatively new launch and brought in $1.8 billion in sales last year.

Another addition is a “Top Stories” and “RSS & Podcasts” subscription box at the bottom of each article.

Thus, through the process of what we call addition by less subtraction, the deductions from real GDP figure to be significantly smaller in Q2 than was the case in Q1.

i understand i need to certify it to purchase it off the lease. in addition, is the extended maintainance a 2 year or 3 year contract? thank you

These days, in addition to writing novels, she shares the popular group blog Magical Words with her friends David B Coe, Faith Hunter and C E Murphy.

SoY: You've done a fair bit of editing work in addition to your writing.

Along with his family -- which in addition to his ageless wife and daughter includes a talking gorilla and a pneumatic robot -- Tom battles high-tech Aztecs from another dimension, Nazi Amazons, a primordial slime-monster from before the dawn of history, his mad scientist nemesis, and many more, while traveling to other times, other worlds, and other planes of existence.

He is working with Frank Herbert's son Brian to continue the Dune Chronicles, and he has written many Star Wars and X-Files novels, in addition to his original novels, most prominently the seven-volume space epic, The Saga of Seven Suns which is also an international bestseller.

I personally think fix-ups work best when there is a logical progression of advancement for story and character in addition to the episodic nature of the smaller stories.

Other works could be difficult to translate because Anglophone readers might not know enough Spanish history and culture to understand the context, in addition to the language barrier.

March 25th, 2010 at 2: 49 pm well in addition to spending too much on the military we pay too much for heallthcare.

Therefore, holding some YUAN in addition to precious metals as a hedge to what may happen is a sound speculative bet.

Oh, and in addition, demand for production quality has either diminished or never really mattered, with most people happy to listen to compressed versions on tinny earbuds.

These individuals, in addition to their primary “national culture” (of the US, or Russia, or Israel, etc.), also have some residual elements of the long extinct “national culture” of some ancient state.

So if I was on a trip for example, the iPad would just be another thing to drag along in addition to my laptop, which I would need anyway.

Guy: "Do you need any help with your addition, Sarah?"Girl: "Yeah, actually, I need to get a lot of stuff done tonight.

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