addiction in a sentence

Sentence with the word addiction

The term addiction usually refers to both psychological and physical dependence on a drug, including alcohol.

My analogy regarding giving more tax dollars to Congress, likening it to heroin addiction, is quite apt.

The current directors of the agencies charged with studying drugs (the National Institute on Drug Abuse, or NIDA) and alcohol (the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, or NIAAA) have both voted for returning the term addiction to DSM-V.

Yet she wants to return to the term addiction in order to rule out dependencies on legitimately prescribed medications.

While the word addiction may make you think of smoking or alcohol, cocaine or methamphetamine, there are many other things besides these traditional substances that can trigger addictive physiology—things like gambling, sex, food, even playing video games.

MILLMAN: I do think that the term addiction gets overused.

And that was the nature of the term addiction, or addict, well into the 1500s.

And of course, the theme in your book is, where does the word addiction come from?

When I use the term addiction, I mean it as a wake-up call.

In the underdeveloped world that isn't developing, the addiction is a mixture of fascism, corruption, and socialism.

You know, lashing out at others w/the addiction is also a sign, sooo, maybe you're in the closet.

In Sue's case, the word "addiction" is mentioned, both to babies and new prams.

While some people are addicted to sports or online gaming, my addiction is the hobby of cosplay.

Her addiction is her husband and his addiction is his mistress.

But here binding would be strange and immoral; this addiction is a good one.

I consider myself addicted to chocolate, and I say that often -- but the truth is that what I call my addiction is just a very ingrained habit.

It signaled the end of what she describes as her addiction to cosmetic procedures -- a long, strange trip that began when she was in her late 20s and included frequent Botox injections and two bouts of liposuction to remove fat from her hips and her eyelids.

They want more fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C. They've proposed a 12-point plan to end what they call the addiction to deficits.

At the height of what he calls his addiction, Ryan Van Cleave would stand in the grocery store checkout line with his milk and bread and baby food for his little girls and for a split second think he was living inside a video game.

At the height of what he calls his addiction, Ryan Van Cleave would stand in the grocery store checkout line with his...

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