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Sentence with the word addicted

KING: Were you encouraged, Robert Redford, by the president using the term addicted to oil in the State of the Union?

Retelling the evolution of humans and 'reward' brain chemistry and addiction (or habituation), combined with peer status, to posit the moral of the story: Being overconsumption-addicted is a death grip -- our own.

The problem with Lindsay Lonely and a lot of celebrities who are addicted is that they get coddled.

The problem is that most corporate cultures remain addicted to the draining ethic of more, bigger, faster.

And coming to the aid of the addicted is Alan Klein, a Minnesotan who three years ago launched the McRib Locator, a site that tracks appearances of the Yeti-like sandwich.

You forgot to add: so that we can remain addicted to a fuel source that is controlled by the middle east!

The only way to not become addicted is to never start smoking in the first place!

However, if that's a fault, and it most a assuredly is, I hope you may think; what a good fault to have, because it's this which makes me human rather than just another, spin addicted, politician

Gettin addicted, got to level 14 with no cheating and the AI player bugged n juts held it in a vacuum for like 5 mins til i quit.

I have made this pudding many many times (in my pregnancy especially!) and my suggestion to anyone who tries this and gets addicted is to premix the dry ingredients into ziplock bags.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now, raise your hand if you know what the word addicted means.

Richard would never dream of applying the word addicted to himself, but when it came to nicotine, he was as hooked as any heroine street junkie.

She mentioned the matter to another habitue, a lady of title addicted to the use of the hypodermic syringe, and learned that she (Rita) was being charged nearly twice as much as her friend.

In the common phrase addicted to drink, drink is a noun, not a verb.

And trying to tell them that they’re addicted is like trying to talk to a brick wall.

Any time you use the word addicted it’s a bad thing.

Another goal was to address the so-called addicted banks, financial institutions that are so weak they can only survive by tapping emergency credits from the European Central Banks.

The ECB has for months discussed creating a special liquidity facility aimed at meeting the liquidity needs of so-called "addicted banks," like those in Ireland, Portugal and Greece which rely on ECB money for their funding needs, but details are yet to be presented.

Brown: Our secrets definitely keep us addicted, which is probably why there are online sites where people can divest themselves of their secrets, anonymously.

I suspect the people who they are calling addicted are more compulsive.

She's addicted, addicted, addicted ta suckin' good dick..." --Eazy

thugalug, boregasm, radar king, ashuku....fuck im addicted!

I am addicted to soda.

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    • addicted, devoted, consecrate, dedicate, devote
  • Verb Forms for "addicted"
    • addicted, addicting, addictively, addicts
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    • minutely addicted, become addicted, Montag addicted, Deeply addicted, became addicted
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    • afflict, clicked, conflict, constrict, contradict
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    • addiction, junkie, prostitute, smuggler, overdose
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