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For of what could a non-spiritual activity consist, an _activity of nature_, when we have no other knowledge of activity save as spiritual, and of spirituality save as activity?

Further, it is not the name or character of an activity which determines whether it is play for the participant, but _his attitude toward the activity_.

” “Not in passivity [the passive affects], but in activity, lie the evil and the good of the rational social animal, just as his virtue and his vice lie not in passivity, but in activity” (IX.

Since all brain activity is a combination of chemical and/or electrical reactions, who draws the line to say that this activity is a chemical imbalance?

Brain activity is repressed in stressful settings.

How to distinguish between a mandate coupled with a fine or penalty and a general income tax that allows for credits for certain activity is an interesting conceptual question.

TV brain activity is not the same as "reading a book" activity.

They say our brain activity is too low for rational thought.

The pilots brain activity is routed through the PK, that is the psychokenesis amplifier, into the ranging equipment.

And just as brain activity is dependent on the thousands of billions of connections between nerve cells, so does the internet rely on one being able to find several juicy links about one's favorite subjects in one place.

It also expects what it calls activity contribution, or operating profit, to grow slightly this year compared to 2007, down from its previous goal of around 7% growth.

Some call the activity “controlled” burning, but this overstates reality: fire is a self-sustaining chemical reaction, and if conditions change (e.g., wind speed increases), prescribed fires can escape control and cause extensive damage (e.g., the Cerro Grande Fire was a prescribed fire that escaped control and burned 237 homes in Los Alamos, New Mexico, in May 2000).

Wilting business confidence, falling manufacturing orders and tumbling industrial prices -- which in November suffered the biggest monthly fall since 1949 -- point to an unusually abrupt contraction in German activity in 2009.

The call activity outweighed the puts, with 47,000 calls and 26,000 puts changing hands.

"The Doosan transaction outlined the re-emergence of the chaebol and we expect to see further outbound activity from the Korean chaebols in 2008," said Citigroup's Mr. Renton, which advised South Korea's Doosan Infracore Co. in its $4.9 billion takeover of Ingersoll Rand Co. 's Bobcat excavator business last year.

This one-year programme will support short-term activity and result-orientated projects addressing concerns in the following priority areas:

Research is, by its nature, a long-term activity and our industrial managers should be able to plan their commitments with the security that government policies will be reasonably predictable throughout the research activity.

Words pay no debts, give her deeds; but she’ll bereave you of the deeds too if she call your activity in question.

The indolence and prostration of the body produce a kind of activity in the mind, if that may properly be called activity which is merely giving loose to the imagination and the emotions as they follow out the wild train of incoherent thought, or are agitated by impulses of spontaneous and ungoverned feeling.

Trade Alert president Henry Schwartz noticed a lot of short-term activity at the $140 strike in the August and Sept contracts.

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