activate in a sentence

Sentence with the word activate

We have all seen Teppo activate from the blue line and drop in.

He advised this outage is nationwide and NO-ONE call activate iPhones right now. 1-2+ hours not helpful! was the projected time of "repair".

More deeply, when coupled with emotion, labels activate something at the physical, sensation level.

The client service was then activated by the declarative services bundle by calling activate (ComponentContext).

Modify the focused function to call the activate method: void {_suggestClip. activate ();}

As far as UCD is concerned, I see it as nothing more except one of many helper tool's/mechanism's to induce and "activate" the next dormant prescribed "blueprint".

According to the press release, DoSomething. org will "activate" two million young people by 2011.

One of the representatives at the AT&T Shop suggested that I add a second line to my account which would be the new line that I "activate" the iPhone over and then move the iPhone to my regular line before canceling the existing line and incurring another $175 early termination fee.

I re-upgraded it to XP SP3 using a copied CD, as he didn't have his original CD, and even though I used the key from the case, it kept giving me unverified, and made me jump through hoops to "activate" it.

When I try to "activate" by moving the mouse, I only get my desktop screen, with no taskbar.

At night they "activate" him, and he fights crime, but in the morning, he has no memory of his activities.

That's great until they "activate" him and force-train him as an assassin and send him to infiltrate an Indonesia-like country.

They send you home with no idea how to 'activate' the phone, as up until this point we had all been told that the only way to activate the phone was in the store.

Then you "activate" this selected version with your feelings.

Maybe as the father of all cylons, he can 'activate' any cylon the way the cylons can 'activate a sleeper agent.

I'm not sure if this comes from being in a writer's group and having an extra-critical eye, but she uses ridiculous amounts of adverbs, which tell you how to feel instead of letting the writing do it, and so many passive sentences that I often had to "activate" them in my head to progress through the story.

Seventeen official baseball corporations, they call it activate, meaning they go to the World Series, and they have hospitality, and they all appeal to women.

Something else I'm starting to suspect is that no one has been able to 'activate' folks latent metagene.

And it didn't occur to me to this week's read but both Luthor and the Chinese have the tech available to 'activate' the metagene?

It is conceivable that they could kind of activate those cells with this kind of message.

your stoner friend: ACTIVATE

I heard that girl likes it when dudes activate her pussy.

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