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Sentence with the word action-packed

PROS: While action-packed, this novel doesn't scrimp on portraying not only Andre's emotional turmoil over the tragic loss of his family, but also the obstacles Claire and Andre must face in reconnecting to each other.

The book is a wild sci-fi ride: human clones, recorded human memories, a villain bent on global chaos, lots automatic gunfire, presidential assassinations ... it's an action-packed hoot.

Their drunken reconnaissance mission snowballs into a full-on fight that's action-packed, a bit humorous, and surprisingly dramatic.

I'd be hard-pressed to call this action-packed, but lots of stuff does happen and the story quickly hops from one conflict to the next.

Matt Bomer Neal has a more action-packed dream episode in mind — he'd love to flash back to Neal's wild past again.

On top of this announcement, they have promised to make it “darker and more action-packed”.

These stories were interesting and action-packed and, above all, fun to read, reminding me why I started reading comics in the first place.

RealmShift has been described as “inventive”, “action-packed”, “thought provoking”, “a novel I am loathe to put down”, “fast paced and full of vibrancy”.

My service, two tours on the Caron, was action-packed, but nothing ever happened that will make me or most of my shipmates great heroes.

That sounds action-packed, but he's realistic about his big screen limitations this time around.

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