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For, in truth, he is not acting in his own interest but in that of a third person, who has yet to come into existence, albeit he is under the impression that he is acting in his own But it is this very _acting in some one else's interest_ which is everywhere the stamp of greatness and gives to passionate love the touch of the sublime, making it a worthy subject for the poet.

(acting normally on the advice _acting on advice of Irish of Irish Cabinet?), but subject Cabinet_, but subject to to instructions from Imperial instructions from Imperial

There are some fairly creepy set pieces but nothing really stands out, the acting is average, the plot is hackneyed and derivative, the direction is average.

Yes she will be in a horror film but her acting is the best compared to the rest of the class.

The rest of the acting is acceptable, and Jesse Eisenberg plays a vastly different young man than he does in “Adventureland.”

The story seems slow, subplots feel inconsequential and there as filler, and some of the acting is about as bland as a Raman noodle.

There's exactly the right amount of action, to me, and all the acting is at least good, sometimes very good.

Yes, the acting is a little stuffy and the story, a blend of Sasquatch-meets-the-legendary Chupacabra, is lacking in originality.

That's what you call acting on principle rather than pandering for votes like Obama.

That wrench is the dog: whose attention to attention, whose seeming mind reading, looks anecdotally just like what we call acting with a theory of mind.

The SFX are a bit dodgy and some of the acting is a bit wooden to say the least (especially from Sam Jones and Melody Anderson).

The rest of the cast appear to be amateurs, if their acting is any indication.

If the acting is as wooden as Pinocchio, the sets are created from tin foil and baling wire, and the writing is hackneyed but it is An Authentic Representation of 14th-Century Life, then Joan will gush about it.

I think, however, that what you call acting according to impulse is simply an excuse to cover your own laziness. '

Of what we call acting there is little, little change in the expression of the face.

On the occasion of my visit there was little of what we call acting, but endless elocution.

"Now that's what I call acting squarely," said Bob, in a satisfied way; and George asked:

The state's education commissioner, Christopher D. Cerf, still has the word "acting" in front of his title almost a year after he was sworn in to the post.

I was also pleased to hear him acknowledge that, once we veer away from what he described as acting with "moral authority", it then becomes very difficult to restore.

Cambridge gave the budding actor a reprieve from lectures to go to London and do the play, so Redmayne spent a term acting in Tim Carroll's production in the evenings and sneaking into the Courtauld Institute library next door during the day to keep up with his studies.

*Beautiful girl walks by* Boy 1: Yoo you mad ugly Boy 2: Why you acting?

Acting is not a look darling, it's a skill. Don't audition for me until you get some fucking training.

Guy: I haven't heard from you in a while? Girl: been busy.. Guy: Nall you been acting!

Dude, that chick so thrown that she must be ACTing.

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