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'Abortion is a racist, genocidal act' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = ''Abortion is a racist, genocidal act' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: Info on the latest anti-abortion propaganda. '

As I consider it one of the most important qualifications in a judge to have the discernment I refer to, and as many are appointed judges, even at our national shows, _who never should have been appointed, and many act who never should act_, it ought to be put out of all doubt.

So far as the Scriptures seem to suggest there is not a fresh act upon God's part at certain times in one's experience, but His wondrous love is such that there is _a continuous act_ -- a continuous flooding in of all the gracious power of His Spirit that the human conditions will admit of.

Or do we find, when we are engaged in an act of the will, that the mental stream contains only the familiar old elements of attention, perception, judgment, desire, purpose, etc., _all organized or set for the purpose of accomplishing or preventing some act_?

Absolute -- all this begetting of Divine Children -- was in the nature of a single act rather than as a series of acts, if we may be permitted to speak of the manifestation as an _act_.

Yes, if you consider the amusement in the abstract: but if you take it as _this human act_, the act is inordinate and evil in itself, or as it is elicited in the mind of the agent.

My father is very anxious, I think, to act the play; my mother, to have it published before it is acted; and I sit and hear it discussed and praised and criticised, only longing (like a "silly wench," as my mother calls me when I confess as much to her) to see my father in his lovely dress and hear the _alarums of my fifth act_.

Miss Brown, I'll give in, that you and Mr. Brown _do_ act up to your principles; you certainly _act_ as if you were willing to be damned '; -- and so do all those folks who will live on the blood and groans of the poor Africans, as the Doctor said; and I should think, by the way Newport people are making their money, that they were all pretty willing to go that way, -- though, whether it's for the glory of God, or not, I'm doubting.

_acting_, His _essence_ being _to act_, for otherwise he might _never_ have acted, and the existence of the world would be an accident; for what should have, in that case, decided Him to act, after long inactivity?

Wherefore if the mind should prefer a weak inclination to a strong one, _it would act against itself, and otherwise than it is disposed to act_.”

The term "act of God" is a legal one, commonly used in courtrooms and insurance contracts, but also used by some believers to explain the wild winds, walls of water and shifting tectonic plates that sometimes result in death and destruction.

Following the BP oil spill last year, he used the term "act of God" to describe the disaster, then later defended the comment as a legal term to emphasize his point that nobody knew what happened.

A man need not, it is true, do this or that act, the term act implies a choice, -- but he must act somehow.

Edwards could not have used such language, if he had attached any other idea to the term act, than what really belongs to it when it is applied, as it often is, to the passive states of the intelligence and the sensibility.

Subsection k of the coinage act gives the Treasury authority to mint platinum coins in any amount or denomination at the Secretary's discretion.

By allowing aliens to use US courts to air their grievances against foreign governments through suits against American companies and private individuals, the act is an assault on US foreign and economic policies and individual rights.

As Jefferson put it, “where powers are assumed which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.”

Barak said in a statement that "whoever perpetrated this act is a terrorist in every sense of the word, whose sole intention is to hurt the chances of achieving peace and dialogue with the Palestinians."

Opposed the Obama administration's efforts to regulate offshore oil drilling in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which he called an "act of God"

(Soundbite of laughter) GROSS: One of the characters that you - well, a character that you do in your act is your fake twin brother, Seth.

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