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Sentence with the word across-the-board

"We find ourselves in disagreement with the specific approach he offers in his dissent - namely, an across-the-board license condition requiring implementation of 'all' Fukushima-related requirements prior to operation of the Vogtle plant," the four commissioners wrote.

"Arbitrarily imposing an across-the-board hiring freeze in the name of saving relatively small sums would be a mistake with the potential to seriously hamper the workforce and degrade government's performance," Stier wrote in Sunday's Post in a piece entitled, "The workers Obama abandoned."

Rather than continuing to fight reform of work rules and protecting underperformers, unions could trade those away for across-the-board bonuses for service improvements and a guarantee that employees get a sizable share of any productivity gains.

As to whether I believe that full, across-the-board student loan forgiveness is likely to become a reality anytime soon -- the answer, unfortunately, is an obvious "no."

Therefore, if full, across-the-board student loan forgiveness is a non-starter, then certainly things like the restoration of bankruptcy protections to student loans, both federal and private, must be on the table.

To boost loyalty, last year it began rolling out a 5% across-the-board discount for customers using its Target-branded credit and debit cards.

• Increase the status of the teaching profession via incentives such as loan forgiveness programs, higher GPA requirements for entrance into teacher training, stipends or subsidies to purchase instructional materials, limited performance-based evaluations, and across-the-board salary increases, particularly immediate pay scale increases for those who teach in low-income areas;

Unfortunately, the sommelier requested anonymity since he said that there is no across-the-board policy.

Thus, contrary to common belief, neither Jack Kemp nor William Roth nor Ronald Reagan ever said that there would be no revenue loss associated with an across-the-board cut in tax rates.

Operators can use several methods to test older pipe, and some companies criticize the rationale for an across-the-board mandate for pressure tests.

The London-headquartered bank didn't specify in which areas it would add staff, beyond saying it would be across-the-board.

To enforce this requirement, the President is calling on Congress to enact A Debt Failsafe that will trigger across-the-board spending reductions both in direct spending and spending through the tax code if, by 2014, the projected ratio of debt-to-GDP is not stabilized and declining toward the end of the decade.

"There was across-the-board buying in large-caps, driven by the positive monsoon forecast and we are likely to see buying interest emerge in mid-cap and small-cap shares in coming sessions," said Dharmesh Pancholi , a senior manager at brokerage Sharekhan.

Rather than the across-the-board tax increase in the hypothetical, which is irrelevant to the Constitutional analysis, the Republicans suggest eliminating the tax-exempt status of employer-provided health benefits to pay for a refundable tax credit for the purchase of health plans.

Matt, your scenario of this leading ultimately to across-the-board cuts is exactly right.

Day one: Congress passes an across-the-board income tax increase of 2.5% (the amount of the penalty), that maxes out at $2250 (current maximum penalty iirc).

Once this freeze is in the budget resolution and Congress cannot agree on the needed cuts in the individual appropriation bills, there will be an omnibus appropriation that will have the easy cuts and earmarks and the last thing in that bill will be an across-the-board cut to get down to the budget resolution limit.

The fact that his has not resulted immediately in massive across-the-board price increases is irrelevant.

Former Reagan official Ralph Benko, who ran a website that urged Mr. Pence to seek higher office, tells me: Mike has qualities that inspired unprecedented across-the-board enthusiasm among movement conservatives.

We might not have rocketed up the charts, but we won across-the-board appreciation.

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