across in a sentence

Sentence with the word across

Again, bogs are not infrequently come across -- _across_, by the way, is hardly the word to use.

"Because," Lovell hastened to say; "because she can't go across -- no, that wasn't right -- why -- ahem! why does a hen go _across_ the road, Miss

Romantic emails had been exchanged with Jane: Write your name across the sky.

I know you get asked this all the time but how do brands build a name across China?

I will rage into light, become a new star in the endless nothing, I will burn the gold of your name across the sleeping hours, and then I will let you go.

Mr. Jolly estimates he has sewn 12,000 mother-of-pearl buttons onto a single suit, some of which spell out his title across his back: the Pearly King of Crystal Palace.

He felt like he had chased a name across the open sea, and now he felt foolish and naked.

She wrote the title across the top of the page in large letters, then scrawled the words beneath, separating the lines as if the spell was a stanza of poetry.

Not to anyone who would watch Willebrandt inscribe her name across the history of the 1920s.

Whispers carried his name across the arid Mojave Desert.

The designation across the top told her not only the sensitivity of the information but where it had originated.

“Nice!” he said, scrawling his name across a road map on the counter.

This time he stood back and watched as Laura, with a large sweeping motion, scribbled a word across the paper.

For appearances and the use of his name across three years, Ali may have been enriched by the scheme to the extent of five hundred thousand dollars.

One table was occupied by two Latino men in their twenties, each with a name across the left breast of his uniform shirt.

For example, using the current definition of search, if I put “techcrunch” into the search box, I should see results that are based on something for the term across the live web.

Rapp glimpsed the title across the top of the page.

So, even if we presume that consumers have no clue what Helioplex really is, then Neutrogena gained brand benefit by using the term across its products.

The company also revealed new pre-order details for the title across multiple retailers:

DVDShrink's reauthor mode and point it to each folder in turn, dragging the title across each time. to join several DVDs, VIDEO_TS folders I use

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