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The title acquisitions bring Bonnier's magazine collection to nearly 50, which include titles such as

But the wonderfullest of all my acquisitions is a thing made of black silk with a/quarter of a mile/of brass wire in it, which I clasp on the under part of my face when I go out; and which is precisely like the muzzle on a mad dog; but has the property of making all the air that goes down one's throat as warm as summer air.

Wax Poetics to sift through an estimated 1,600-plus master tapes (from West Side and several other label acquisitions), many of which have been sitting, sometimes unlabeled, on warehouse shelves for decades now.

For all those pluses, however, the most intuitive “other” image acquisitions is the good old point and shoot camera.

Living around Army bases and in acquisitions, I know first hand of many thousands of jobs created by the defense establishment.

Though some still believe valuations will continue to drop, companies such as Yahooare showing interest in acquisitions, and Internet stocks are beginning to rally again.

Bloomberg did not report terms of the deal, but noted that Fortinet has a $2.1 billion market cap, and that IBM has said it will spend as much as $20 billion in acquisitions in the next five years.

Eighty percent of Siemens '$24 billion in acquisitions in the last six years have been in the USA.

The Los Angeles company on Tuesday also said it expects to spend about $300 million in acquisitions this quarter, which will boost output.

But rival Santander's long string of acquisitions is putting pressure on BBVA to catch up.

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