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But if we again acquiesce we will be reduced to sad and pathetic footnotes in our accelerating transformation from a democracy to a totalitarian corporate state.

Off the top of my head, "acquiesce" is pretty cool.

Instead of me going through life hoping that God is following me around in whatever mess I find myself in this time, it’s actually him that’s leading the way through it all if I acquiesce, that is.

But … there are reasons why parties have developed and that is because they operate as vehicles by which like minded people can coalesce around similar ideological and/or philosophical stances and generate programmes which they can then bring to the electorate and gain acceptance (or is the term 'acquiesce'?).

She not only used "acquiesce" in a song way before Noel Gallagher made such a fanfare of doing so, but deployed it perfectly:

[If this question has to be answered, the IPKat predicts a Delphic response along the lines of "it's up to the referring court to apply its own law to the facts".] (c) in any case, is it necessary that the proprietor of a trade mark should have his trade mark registered before he can begin to "acquiesce" in the use by another of (i) an identical or (ii) a confusingly similar mark?

(b) is it necessary that the proprietor of a trade mark should have his trade mark registered before he can begin to "acquiesce" in the use by another of (i) an identical or

"acquiesce" to Russian recognition of independence of the breakaway Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

The expectation has become that if they don't want to become a spinster - a word often thrown about in Egypt for any unmarried woman over 30 - women should just acquiesce.

Brown will not acquiesce to Palmer, even if it may become the popular thing to do.

Do not acquiesce to the temptation of pointing your finger at him by telling him how awful he is.

The Western strategy of seeking to press Russia to acquiesce in a stronger Security Council demand on Damascus assumes that Russia does not wish to stand alone in vetoing action as the death toll mounts in Syria.

When Sarah Palin demanded that Obama fire Rahm and managed to make the subject about her, while Rahm had to acquiesce into some special-needs charity gestures.

As the price of "engagement" with Iran has been revealed, it is up to the American populace and its representatives in Congress to determine if they are willing to acquiesce in the politics of appeasement -- not least, through the abandonment of Iran's most stalwart opponents.

But this is a weak basis for mobilising public opinion, and, in general, Americans have to be convinced that their own security is at stake in order to acquiesce to most sustained military adventures.

If you acquiesce, you can also expect the calls to stop.

Early this year, Gus says, an American father agreed to pay him $70,000 to recover his 10-year-old daughter from Japan, assuring him that the girl would acquiesce.

Do we acquiesce in the enforcement of that construct and assignment through perpetuation of entertainment stereotypes, news media representation and religious doctrine, as well as through education, law and family values?

Hamas realizes the impact of this element on us and on the Palestinian situation, but we will not acquiesce to it.

Otherwise if we acquiesce to the notion that the foreign element is the decisive factor in a process for transformation, we will never have democracy, reform, social justice and vibrant economies in this part of the world.

Carrianne (thinking, while eating a piece of chicken that had clearly been cut in half by her host): Hmm... That's a new one, but I will acquiesce to this and enjoy what little chicken I did receive. Mmm. It's good!

Did she acquiesce when you told her to get the books??

Tiger Woods was forced to acquiesce to his wife's demands after screwing every babe in a town with a golf course or else have her take him for all he was worth.orBoss: I have decided to remove all cubical walls in order to improve communication between co-workers Employee: I'll acquiesce to your judgment oh great one...

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    • consent, submit, conform, yield, accept tacitly
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