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Sentence with the word achieve

I think public opinion has already hardened, and about the only thing he can realistically hope to achieve is to stop the bleeding in his poll numbers.

All Clinton can hope to achieve is to make certain that Obama does not win against McCain. chris

Paul Flynn has rushed to Alun Cairn's defence, although all he seems to achieve is to remind us just how ancient he really is:

All they seem to achieve is to make martyrs of the likes of Griffin and Irving, surely a daft result if ever.

All three of us are very interested in writing and publishing and other creative things, so part of what we hope to achieve is to puttogether a book that we can be proud of.

So another part of what we hope to achieve is to bring a really good idea to life – which I think is part of what drives every creative project.

I think that a respectable goal that most students would like to achieve is to get criticisms or critiques on some of their most well-developed ideas, stories, essays, artworks, etc.

But what we have been able to achieve is to provide more and more care on an ambulatory and community basis.

The end result which we are really trying to achieve is to change public attitudes toward our market economy system.

Unfortunately no one vehicle or launch system can really hope to achieve everything without waste one way or another, all that you can hope to achieve is to maximize your abilities and eficiency as best you can, in an ideal world the funds would be available to do this in the best possible way but in the current political climate that seems a very long way off but i'm sure that everyone working at grass roots level is trying to do the best they can with the limited resources available.

I don't understand how that has become the measure of whether what we achieve is health-care reform.

What they are really trying to achieve is bipartisan cover for a whole bunch of Democratic pet spending proposals that may or may not help the economy (remember, “Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste”).

An ability to understand and take into account what you are working with and what you need to finally achieve, is the single most essential aspect of creating the perfect decorative storage space.

The variety of effects you can achieve is limited only by your inventiveness in creating surface functions, although if the displacement of the bricks is too large, the bricks will disengage and the wall will fall apart.

A major reason why some Fijians oppose Bainimarama, and what he says he's trying to achieve, is because he has “detached” the state from this trilogy, and in so doing has threatened their privileged position, and the perks that go with it.

What the Fifth Summit of the Americas will eventually achieve is still up for debate, but one thing is certain: the multi-ethnic citizenry of the blogosphere will monitor its progress every step of the way.

The film that really changed the public perception of what holograms should achieve is one of the iconic science fiction films of the 20th century: Star Wars.

But what they can achieve is pretty limited, and if they push through one big thing per term of office they will be unusually good.

Setting goals you already know you can't achieve is just setting yourself up for failure.

No, the "single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."

1. My roommate was out so I had plenty of time to achieve. 2. I was bored so I spent the day achieving. 3. I achieved inside a girl last night, then she fell asleep so I achieved some more on my own.

I achieved my longtime goal of jumping off a building.

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