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Fortunately there is a solution to the misuse of the term "accuser."

Detectives investigated the claims in 2006 and 2009 but decided not to pursue the case because of what they called the accuser's lack of cooperation and erratic behaviour.

Detectives investigated the claims in 2006 and 2009 but decided not to pursue the case because of what they called the accuser's lack of cooperation and erratic behavior.

His latest accuser is an old flame of his, Lillian McEwen -- lawyer, prosecutor, administrative judge and, some desperate publisher willing, author of a manuscript detailing time kept with Thomas way back in the 1980s, a bit before the modern era.

The accuser is alive and he was apprehended in good physical condition.

I think the right to face your accuser is fundamental in that no one should be convicted on the evidence of an anonymous witness, but I dont quite understand the rationale for why they have to actually be in the courtroom together while testifying necessarily.

The accuser is the abuser in most all cases of race baiting/accusing and the MSM is a facilitator of all of these lies.

It appears to be pretty clear that Clemens has used performance enhancing drugs and that his principle accuser is a complete lowlife.

In my opioion I think the black accuser is doing this for money.

The accuser is Hispanic, and a white district attorney will prosecute Jackson before a jury with no blacks.

But if his accuser is telling the truth, Bryant is a coward in a superhero's clothing and among the last people on earth who should be cheered for negotiating the inconveniences of traveling between the court and the courtroom.

Do they call the accuser to cross-examine him about what was on the tape?

And the defense now has the difficult choice of do they call the accuser himself as a surrebuttal witness?

"proof" was that if you Google Gore and "sex poodle," the term the accuser used for him, you would not find anything.

But the right to face one’s accuser is an ancient and fundamental one.

These claims have not been verified and in at least one case the accuser was herself accused of faking her role in the organization.

When the news broke last Thursday that the case against Mr. Strauss-Kahn was falling apart—that his accuser was a serial liar, a prostitute according to the New York Post, with a $100,000 bank account and ambitions caught on tape to turn her supposed tragedy into a get-rich-quick scheme—my immediate reaction was: how disappointing.

You missed the parts about wrongfully calling his accuser a homophobe and stealing an election, and the fact that his sex partner, including in the City Hall bathroom, was barely legal or not at all.

Let's remember, the accuser is a single mother, an immigrant from the dirt-poor African nation of Guinea.

The New York Times had reported that Ms. Shorenstein, at Paterson's instruction, called the accuser on the phone.

The sex was kinda dull until i gave her the accuser.

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