accusation in a sentence

Sentence with the word accusation

They are simply using the first rule in contemporary American politics: the accusation is the conviction.

One response I often make to this accusation is the to compare the comment policy of leading skeptic and alarmist climate sites.

To me, this accusation is as ridiculous as a husband blaming his wife for being liked by other men even though she has no control over their liking.

Not only because you are clearly in the wrong and I am clearly in the right, but because because you have conditioned me to associate you accusing me of something with an apology; the accusation is the apology.

The accusation is not simply that the reviewer thinks highly of their own opinion and will hold to it in the face of opposition.

The accusation is that they disregard the legitimacy of contrary opinion on the principle that judgement is their prerogative alone, that they are asserting a privileged status, expecting it to be recognised.

Thus, if the promotion warrant has been veriified and you and your friends say that all three were done at the same time, your accusation is without merit and your entire accusation does not stand.

To some extent, this reflects the nature of American politics today, where no claim or accusation is too bizarre, or requires any evidence whatsoever to be taken at least somewhat seriously by many in the media.

The accusation is that the actuarial report shows that HCR increases the deficit.

But pushing the line-pushing accusation is basically the function of a robocall.

Rove says that the whole Chamber accusation is a desperate political ploy.

The advice might vary each time, but the basic self-accusation is presumed sincere.

Jorge Mota wonders why the authorities could move so quickly on a case like this, but the more serious accusation from the Rosenberg video has yet to receive the same treatment [es]:

The accusation is deliberately fraudulent, and is coldly used for the very political gain you mention in your second paragraph.

The “made-up” accusation is baseless since “white”, “black”, “american”, etc are ALL distinctions made up by humans.

I am accusing YOU of being a child molester so you better turn yourself in to the police because the accusation is proof … RIGHT?

Moreover, my accusation is in bold characters, and thus clearly more true than his.

The accusation is false but suggestive, because it leads us to investigate the teaching of St. Robert on the organization of the Catholic Church as the

BP officials admit the company appears to be losing the public battle, but they say that firing back at every accusation from the Russian side would only inflame the situation, as would pushing for stronger public support from Western officials.

She calls the accusation horrendous and says she's terrified of drugs.

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