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Anyone who think that Reinhardt quoted Palin accurately is a moron who is incapable of rational discussion of the subject.

Roger: Anyone who think that Reinhardt quoted Palin accurately is a moron who is incapable of rational discussion of the subject.

The title accurately summarizes our goal at EWG when it comes to toxics reform: we're changing legislation to be based on science, not assumptions.

The title accurately expresses the contents, which largely ignore the "middling sort."

_Leisure Hour_, a tolerably good cut of it was given, but the artist did not copy the label accurately, for on the photograph from which that cut was derived, _another name_ was rendered by _that_ sun, who pays no compliments and tells no lies.

Trailing an article that uses the term accurately ( "the first world champion from outside the British Isles in 30 years") with an innacurate statement on the front page of the website ( "first foreigner to win world title since 1980") shows how it can be easy to lazily conflate the geographical with the political while making poor Ken Doherty a subject of the British crown.

The title accurately reflects the game's story, which takes place before the events of the original

But, from my perspective, this label accurately describes classrooms whose seats are filled with children of color every day--especially considering that only 17% of fourth grade Hispanic students are at or above proficient in reading.

Since we have no idea how to match the UMG payment with any type of usage, how will a label accurately apply it across an entire artist roster?

This term accurately applies to the peaceful activities of the Palestinian people and groups in opposing the Israeli occupation, such as protests, demonstrations, sit-ins, and hunger strikes.

I choose not to call myself a "person with AIDS" because I don't believe the term accurately describes my health status.

Or, I guess more accurately, is it worth the opportunity cost?

Writers and bloggers specifically need to be on top of current themes, topics, ideas and trending public opinion; so being able to search and find information quickly and accurately is vital.

What is wrong by quoting accurately from a document in a legal hearing?

Either Palin accurately described the tapes, or she did not.

When I started blogging, about five years ago, my purpose was to promote my freelance editing/coaching business, and also to tighten a style that had become overly wordy thanks to my having written a long Victorian novel in accurately-voiced first-person verbal extravagance.

Your Model 99 in .308, assuming it shoots accurately, is not far from being close to a perfect rifle for what you want, but only if you handload.

This was a guy who, for most of his career, was quite diligent in accurately portraying that he was a Marine reservist.

Like when Palin accurately characterized the intent behind the "doctrine" before Gibson jumped in to challenge her with his understanding (incorrect) of the "official" meaning.

We feel that the new name accurately represents this progressive change and ask you to join us in using the name and sharing it with others in our community.

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