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For one, inventory accumulation is expected to contribute nearly a percentage point to the headline figure, which can only provide a short-term boost unless consumers increase spending enough to allow inventories to be drawn down.

You can in fact be certain that private capital accumulation is a fundamental necessity in our system, while maintaining that (minor) redistribution is an ongoing requirement.

Capital accumulation is the concentration of wealth in the hands of those whose basic comsumption needs have already been met.

"You can in fact be certain that private capital accumulation is a fundamental necessity in our system, while maintaining that (minor) redistribution is an ongoing requirement."

I agree that the accumulation is largely a function of liquidity.

When the stress accumulation is sufficient, then the resistance on the fault plane gives way and an earthquake occurs.

The accumulation is gradual and by the time you reach the height of battle you couldn't bear to leave Philomena's side for a minute.

Even business professors, such as Harvard's Rakesh Khurana and Andy Zelleke, are trashing the prevailing corporate milieu wherein "little has been meaningfully valued by either executives or shareholders beyond the short-term accumulation of wealth."

Eagle involvement in accumulation of the Taung child fauna.

In Greenland, although snow accumulation is increasing in the high elevations, low elevation snowpack is thinning rapidly.

Moisture accumulation is a major concern for any kind of cabinets, closets, or other enclosed storage.

These economists all understood that productivity growth depends on many underlying conditions, such as technological innovation and efficient markets, but they all agreed that capital accumulation is essential to productivity growth -- and is, moreover, the one condition over which society can exercise direct control.

Increasingly, freedom is defined as the accumulation of rights and entitlements as well as license for any form of self-expression and gratification.

No long-term accumulation of capital was possible.

As no conductors of electricity are absolutely perfect, there must be produced a certain accumulation of vitreous ether on one side of each charged plate of the Galvanic pile, and of resinous ether on the other side of it, before the discharge takes place, even though the conducting medium be in apparent contact.

El Nino was NOT fueled by a long-term accumulation of heat from manmade greenhouse gases.

Every time one course of action is picked over another, that choice is tallied, and because the payoff comes from long term accumulation, a short-term demo isn't really going to capture the effect.

By taking account of participation with art, and in art, as an unfolding and longer-term accumulation of multiple positions, engagements and moments registered in what we account for as the artwork, then we may be able to move beyond the individual participatory encounter of an eventful exhibition moment.

But scientists say further research is needed on the impact of a longer-term accumulation of the substances, as well as the interaction of each in a chemical cocktail if the present consumption and use of medication continues unabated.

The snow accumulation translates to about 0.7 inches of rain, not including the freezing rain early Monday morning that first preceded the snow, Jones said.

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