accumulate in a sentence

Sentence with the word accumulate

The main thing I have realized, as the names accumulate, is the shockingly young age of some writers.

We can accumulate from a thoughts of others a small pleasing thoughts; nonetheless a suggestion stays bankrupt as good as empty.

The tendency of Capital to accumulate is a big threat to the free market.

In other words, gains from the rising value of the call options, given share price appreciation, will eclipse losses that accumulate from the short stance in TWX shares.

Whilst jogging along, three or four miles from camp, and calculating the probable sum total of dollars he should accumulate from the sales of furs he purposed taking from his traps that morning, his dog suddenly commenced barking at some invisible object which he supposed to be a squirrel, badger, or some other small animal, that had taken refuge in its burrow.

Investors long the calls accumulate profits if shares of CTXS rise 5% to surpass the breakeven point at $40.69 by expiration.

At home my coins accumulate in jars and paper cups and drawers, perhaps to serve as raw material for some future magnetic art project.

Resentments accumulate, which is why Iraqi prime minister Nouri Maliki proclaimed “a great victory” when the 2009 bilateral security agreement required U.S. troops to pull out of cities and towns.

When deferred, the cuts accumulate, which is why the pending reduction is so large.

As always with "isms" these terms accumulate a tremendous burden of assumption and stereotype, frequently deflecting discussion away from facts and into a never-never land of conflicting and irreconcilable ideologies.

Craig-Hallum cut its investment rating on the stock to "accumulate" from "buy," saying that in the near term the data-storage company will be susceptible to above-average trading volatility.

Wiklund has an "accumulate" rating with a target price of 450 Swedish kronor ($61.92).

The brokerage firm raised its rating on the stock to "accumulate" from "neutral."

C.L. King, the fourth firm covering the company, has an "accumulate" rating, its second highest, which projects a 10% return or more over a 12-month period.

He rates UBS at "accumulate" with a target of 38 francs.

Just after the latest results came out, Mumbai-based brokerage Edelweiss Securities downgraded the stock to "accumulate" from "buy."

ThinkEquity Partners downgraded shares of Incyte to "accumulate" from "buy" and said the tiny biotech firm's developmental halt of lead HIV drug DFC leaves a dearth of major near-term catalysts.

A Punk Ziegel analyst upped his ratings on Bear Stearns, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley to "accumulate" from "market perform."

In a report released Monday, Andrew McDonald, an analyst for ThinkEquity Partners set the target price for Human Genome Sciences stock at $12 per share and gave it an "accumulate" rating.

The research analyst downgraded the stock to "accumulate," the firm's equivalent of a "neutral" rating, and lowered the price target to $12 from $15.

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