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First, Length of time since the title accrued, which vras from the death of Lord Cowper*s first wife in reversion, if not

And today may be a writing-and-paperwork day rather than a writing day, as I have somehow again accrued an awful lot of paperwork.

I recently acquired a new phone number (not for nefarious purposes but thanks for asking) and with the new digits came all the collections-agency phone calls accrued by the previous owner of the number.

The real justification is wrapped up in ego and the desire to be seen as a successful alternative media and not to waste all that political capital accrued from the relative success of amplifying the pro-war case when they had a broad coalition.

But the experience and savvy the Nets accrued is boosted by a roster that, while basically the same, has a couple of subtle changes.

As a matter of fact, I feel sure, judging by the volume of business which accrued from the four-month period immediately before our last meeting, in February, that it will always be necessary to meet oftener that three times a year.

I am persuaded that distinctive educational advantages have accrued from the establishment of this division in Ontario County.

We desperately need a budget process in which respected, nonpartisan experts have real standing to publicly evaluate budget numbers, with less focus on meeting immediate spending or deficits and greater focus on long-term accrued obligations.

Nor were the Charms of her Conversation less amiable than those of her Person: Her indulgent Father, though in his Youth he had lavish'd the best Part of his Patrimony, and had little to depend on but what accrued from a Post he held at Court, was now so good a Husband in other Things, as to afford her a very liberal Education.

Long-term accrued expenses and other long-term liabilities 80,206 66,285

It is the first title accrued at this age level and after the match Marley was full of praise for her young charges.

He said in this way the R30 million processing price tag accrued by the department would be more fairly distributed across all levels of the industry.

Revenues that have been earned but have not yet need recorded at the end of the accounting period are called accrued revenues.

Interest that builds up over time is called accrued interest.

Our 2008 balance excludes incremental $10 million of payables that has been classified as accrued expenses and other current liabilities pursuant to a successful electronic payable supplier program.

Amazingly, these visitors from another planet told me with very straight faces that I must realize that the $21 billion in bonuses were "accrued" bonuses.

After this twelve weeks period, employers must offer such employees their former positions back, including any accrued rights there under such as accrued seniority and holiday pay.

But the restatement resulted in a $27.6 million gain for Beazer partly because the costs the company recorded as "accrued" liabilities turned out to be less than expected.

He was not aware if there would be conditions attached to their re-employment or whether they would lose benefits such as accrued pension.

I’ve always thought that the limitations period began when the cause of action accrued, which is usually when a wrongful injury has occurred.

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