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We devised a bill that moved to universal coverage using what we called accountable health plans playing by national rules to ensure competition and choice.

The law encourages doctors and hospitals to join "accountable care organizations" that have financial incentives to limit unnecessary care; it beefs up "comparative effectiveness research" to weed out inefficient treatments; and it will eventually tax the most expensive insurance plans to restrain consumers 'superfluous use of health care.

Can't anyone be held accountable from the mess the Bush regime left?

God will ultimately hold McCain accountable for his partisan and prejudicial decisions steve poppitz

Telling some one about a weakness you have and asking them to keep you accountable is pretty much how I would describe stating your plans as a "dissatisfaction".

The only way to keep education accountable is to keep it both understandable and flexible.

"I don't know that the American public believes that the White House holding the White House accountable is really good for them," said Brady, the senior House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee.

This means the way you hold teachers and schools accountable is NOT with a general performance test because some students might not have completed the required steps, i.e. they might not have shown up to the movie theatre.

Congressman ISSA: If you try to hold the administrator accountable from the minority when you have no power, the most I can do is get the press to ask a lot of questions and annoy them, ultimately I have no authority.

Alaska did not hold Sarah Palin accountable either.

God do not hold Obama and McClain accountable so why should I.

To her, changing the way teachers are paid and are held accountable is an essential part of making schools better, and those who support or oppose the plan are largely split along generational lines.

We need to stick to Bush's comments and hold McCain accountable for agreeing with them.

John Hagee, who is white, has said some pretty inflamible, disgusting, divisive things and no one's holding John McCain accountable for him.

Great article, I find holding myself accountable is difficult.

Your addendum perfectly clarifies why – expecting secrecy to be politically accountable is pathetically inane.

For example, in the New York Times in 1982 John Leonard wrote in reference to The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 that One of the many sins for which the 20th century will be held accountable is that it has discouraged Mrs. Lessing ….

The fact that there are ridiculously ignorant and arrogant Americans STILL arguing and name calling on any and every site that shows even a twinge of the 1st Amendment and holding these imperial fascists called “Congress” accountable, is the shame of us as Americans.

When a Virginia political blogger crosses the line, the only place to hold him accountable is the Virginia political blogosphere. anon 5: 05pm - signing off

In Pictures: 'Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D Las Vegas Premiere' court rebuffed an attempt to hold Remy Ma's former record label accountable for the rapper's shooting of an acquaintance in 2007.

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  • Antonym for "accountable"
    • unaccountable
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