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The purpose of Renaissance 2010 was to increase the number of high quality schools that would be subject to new standards of accountability - a code word for legitimating more charter schools and high stakes testing in the guise of hard-nosed empiricism.

Speaking during debate on President Thabo Mbeki's state-of-the-nation address in the National Assembly, he said it was common knowledge that once the deadline had been missed, the term accountability quickly lost its meaning and relevance as a desperate attempt to conceal shortcomings began.

Ben Yagoda, author of Memoir: A History, is contemptuous of memoir for its lack of what he calls accountability; he insists on interchanging "memoir" with "autobiography" as a way to support his conclusion: "The past four decades will probably be remembered as the golden age of autobiographical fraud."

One of the best things Pro Publica does – besides reporting – is link to the best of what it calls accountability journalism because that helps support that reporting take note, link-dumb, web-killer Gatehouse.

Of course the accountability is being applied upside-down.

The ranking Republican on the committee, though, warns his party will oppose any changes to the bill that would weaken what he calls accountability, flexibility and parental choice.

Number one to review radically the de-ratification law and replace it with what we call accountability and justice law.

I know one of the things you can do is you can download what you call accountability software.

To do this without any regard for affordability or long-term accountability is not only bad policy, it's poor politics.

It is important to note that this House went to the United States to seek capacity on what we call accountability in office.

What kind of accountability is in place between elections to keep a check on those in power?

School "accountability" is more of an accounting trick that pads the pockets of big national testing companies, and may force educational models that work against one-size-fits-all education into extinction.

Nor can one maintain that "accountability" is provided by some previous "authorization" by an electorate.

And he does have the word accountability in there - but once and in a very general usage.

Both of you and the president also mentioned the word accountability and all three of you made a point it was several agencies and not just one person.

It is ludicrous when they call accountability finger pointing.

That lack of accountability translates to Obama being an unknown entity merely offering up his lofty, poetic, and very pretty promises to trust.

They charge the Bush administration has not used its trade authority to demand accountability from the Chinese government.

Those job losses, despite the fact that demand for steel pipe is booming, and they charge the Bush Administration has not used its trade authority to demand accountability from the Chinese government.

She added that she would continue to advocate for more transparency and accountability from the Chinese government.

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