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Sentence with the word accomplishing

In case you didn't notice, one of the things Obama accomplished by doing this - and the thing he was probably most interested in accomplishing - was to send a clear message to the Iranian people: We see you.

Armed with these data, the animal welfare industry "will be able to be more effective" in accomplishing goals, says Susana Della Maddalena, executive director of PetSmart Charities.

Yet, determining what we are truly capable of accomplishing is elusive.

Activists interviewed say their call for MINUSTAH's departure is based on the force's violence, its ineffectiveness in accomplishing its mission, the waste of money, and the undemocratic and colonial nature of the operation in a sovereign nation.

Anyone with any ideas or interest on the content and execution of these events, or to participate and aid in accomplishing our burgeoning list of projects, send us a note at

Force Factor supplement for body building is the apt dose for a person who is very serious in accomplishing his goal of attaining the perfect physique, greater stamina and stronger muscles.

Applying the discount to same sex couples actually aids in accomplishing this goal because opens it up to a wider range of people.

These are essential in accomplishing the task at hand.

In doing so, we'll take a more balanced approach in accomplishing broader NASA Mission that have far reaching benefit to all here on Earth, not just a few fans of manned space flight.

The point is, the argument is often made that people who have problems because they are imperfect should not receive support or help in accomplishing their goals.

The design succeeds in accomplishing a 78% reduction in paper storage and a 53% reduction in printing needs by allowing employees to scan and distribute documents electronically. digg this digg this email this email this tweet this tweet this facebook this facebook this

They have no investment in accomplishing anything unless it's pandering to corporations to line their pockets later.

Good! keep mouthing off and demonstrating exactly how stupid you are and how morally bankrupt your philosophy is. all you're accomplishing is writing more great material for all the comics. abraham

All the best in accomplishing your goals, aloted one.

I do view the government as an essential part in accomplishing real change – as a leader.

It certainly succeeds in accomplishing its goal of mocking self-important Hollywood folks.

I succeeded in accomplishing what I was condemning.

She totally failed in accomplishing anything to help beleagured workers.

Cafferty: What is McCain accomplishing with his “touring”?

All that the people in Kentucky are accomplishing is making themselves look racist even if they are not.

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