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I will not, however, affirm that Adam, or even Milton, annexed to the term accomplished precisely the idea with which it is associated in the mind of a true modern-bred lady.

* Their term accomplished, naught delayed of Destiny's decree.

The only thing he has accomplished is creating the deepest division among Americans that I can remember.

Of course, all that was accomplished is a testimonial to the great commitment of the professionals at NASA.

All that has not been accomplished is a direct resullt of those who fail to look ahead and obstruct everything that's proposed.

All it has accomplished is to help secure Fidel Castro in power (like Ho Chi Minh, another nationalist liberator that we turned into a communist by supporting a criminally repressive regime for the sake of big business).

In both cases, what has really been accomplished is the birth of a new generation of implacable enemies, and the perpetuation of a state of fear that hard liners on all sides manipulate for their own aggrandizement.

"Mission accomplished" is one of the most difficult things to say when your organization depends on working toward a cause, but Love Makes a Family did it.

Realistically, the only way that it could be accomplished is through a coalition of schools that have London studies.

All Obama has accomplished is kissing up, apologizing, decreasing our international reputation, leaving Iraq in shambles, and allowing for a RECORD number of troops to be dying in Afghanistan.

After 11-plus years in this league, with what you've accomplished, is it insulting to you that you have to answer questions like this?

I'm so sick of Wall Street .... all they've accomplished is paying BIG bonuses to themselves.

So far, all they seem to have accomplished, is to allow billions of dollars to just disappear from the treasury, in stimulus spending that has accomplished very little, especially in terms of jobs for Americans.

More poems should tell stories in accomplished ways.

With all this layering and duplication and potentially conflicting actions, surely the last thing that's accomplished is a smaller government?

I wrestle with the guilt and the feelings of inadequacy, and at the end of the day sometimes all I've accomplished is telling my children I love them, even when I haven't necessarily acted like it.

Or what Hussein accomplished was to “provide the Palestinians a physical territorial basis for asserting their right to self-determination and existence as a separate political entity”?

The Civil War should clearly be studied, but to omit the one thing good that it accomplished is not an oversight, but a pointed political jab.

All that option has accomplished is to further polarize us as a nation.

She has, in short, accomplished the one greatest aim of story-telling, -- to enlarge and enrich the child's spiritual experience, and stimulate healthy reaction upon it.

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