accomplice in a sentence

Sentence with the word accomplice

What your really trying to accomplice is to scare others off that might be interested in finding out more about us.

I reckon anyone who can hide in a drawer without the aid of an accomplice is so ingenious they deserve not to be caught.

I believe that the Bush Administration failed to respond to serious threats against our nation, and are responsible in the way that an accomplice is guilty for the crimes he or she allowed to happen.

Some speculate that side kicks, two words, was a phrase derived from the outside pockets of an overcoat; in underworld slang, it referred to an accomplice.

But the Digger becomes a far more sinister threat when his accomplice is killed in a freak accident while en route to the money drop.

If, therefore, the testimony of an accomplice is necessary, he should not be tried jointly with those against whom he is expected to testify.

Your accomplice is a flaming skull with the ability to transform into anything from a shotgun to a motorbike.

My accomplice is a woman and is far from the "kamikaze messenger" type, though she is accustomed to riding a bike with drop bars.

Which would also explain the shot of your so-called accomplice yesterday.

Kellagh had called an accomplice working security on the ferries to have a trunk filled with weapons deposited belowdecks on the ferry.

And her accomplice is a DA who would have never been elected if he had not greased up and bent over for the Black poverty pimps.

Jeffs is accused of rape, as an -- as an accomplice, that is.

I said, if you ` ve got the person you ` re describing as the accomplice and if Desmond Turner is, indeed, inside and you capture him, is that it?

SHERIFF KIRK SMITH, WASHINGTON COUNTY: Well, Nancy, my understanding is he has been charged in Utah with two counts of first degree rape as an accomplice, which is aiding and abetting and performing the marriages.

He had guns and he had a radio to call his accomplice and work out some escape plan.

But what so shocking, so outrageous, was that his accomplice should be the Duke of Buckingham.

Pavilly were released after the slaying of a butcher; and the Seigneur d'Esneval gave sworn testimony that when a friend of the dead butcher publicly called the accomplice in the crime "a murderer," that accomplice would have been delivered up to justice if the principal had not carried the Fierte.

You visit Elzear, a hermit, whom we will, for the sake of the present argument, call my accomplice, -- he reads between the lines of the letter you deliver to him from me, and he understands its secret import.

Even if the rogue of a courier, as he justly called his accomplice, had betrayed him, there was no fear but that he would have time to put himself on the roll of the army, whence a promising young noble volunteer was not likely to be rejected.

The Young Girl evidently did not intend that her accomplice should be a loser by the summary act of the Member of the Haouse: I took occasion to ask That Boy what had become of all the popguns.

My accomplice helped me out when I needed a favor.

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