accompany in a sentence

Sentence with the word accompany

Then, on the Wednesday after Holy Week, marchers and fireworks, and bands would again accompany El SeƱor de la Columna to its permanent home in Atotonilco.

Last day tohave your recipe and your name accompany the likes of Carol and Jon is December 15th!

They both agreed that "Jinin the ingine" deserved a place in the public prints, provided its original composer could be found and his name accompany it.

Question: Can one learn to observe all the factors that accompany a karmic impulse without being in a monastery?

The pain and hurt, the dilemma accompany me for 3 years.

What changes of vocal expression accompany the transition?

The possessions taken in your Majesty's name accompany the present letter.

English (SDH) subtitles accompany, and are quite amusing at times (especially when the captions read something like "[Speaks Spanish]," causing one to wonder if anyone at Warner actually speaks Spanish and was just too lazy to translate).

To achieve this, the scheme uses a three-phase approach: "accompany", where the Yilts mentor will travel with the young person; "follow", where the mentor shadows the young person on their journey; and "meet", which involves the young person travelling independently and meeting the Yilts mentor during the journey.

I guess the basic rule of thumb is that Google Ads should "accompany" the main content, which is hopefully unique, valuable and nicely presented.

I have also heard concerts by pianist and violinist of equal standing where the violinist was drowned out by the pianist who had failed to learn, not to "accompany," but to reduce the sound of his instrument to make it an equal partner of the violin.

Of you I hope better things, and such as accompany salvation; yet give me leave to cautionate you a little.

Its chief symptoms are extraordinary convulsions and wild gesticulations of the limbs, with frequent stampings on the floor, and rotatory movements of the body, such as accompany lesions of the cerebellum.

Sometimes a considerable area of its surface has been observed to be temporarily obscured, not by dense masses of cloud such as accompany the progress of great cyclonic storms across the continents and oceans of the earth, but by comparatively thin veils of vapor such as would be expected to form in an atmosphere so comparatively rare as that of Mars.

The two trays are then brought out, and the ladies-in-waiting, with complimentary speeches, hand dried fish and seaweed, such as accompany presents, and dried chestnuts to the couple.

"Raul's courage in modernizing socialism must be recognized," he said, adding that his government would "accompany" the island going forward.

On a related note, in the last two days fighter jets have been scrambled twice to "accompany" flights on which passengers became fractious in some unspecified but ultimately non-terroristic way.

"We can 'accompany' new nomads on their journey from planning to move to a new city to helping them settle with all practical needs and developing their social life."

He did play the guitar, though, and brought equipment so he could "accompany" himself and played old rock songs and a few pop songs.

They 'accompany', living vicariously by clinging onto the opposition.

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  • Synonym for "accompany"
    • go with, attend, escort, company, convoy
  • Antonym for "accompany"
    • abandon
  • Verb Forms for "accompany"
    • accompanied, accompanies, accompanying
  • Phrases for "accompany"
    • accompany Ford's, to accompany, accompany her, accompany President, accompany attorney
  • Rhyme for "accompany"
    • company, intercompany
  • Hyponym for "accompany"
    • construe with, go with, cooccur with, attend, collocate with
  • Hypernym for "accompany"
    • play, affiliate, consort, assort, associate
  • Etymologically Related for "accompany"
    • accompaniment
  • Variant for "accompany"
    • accompanied
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