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* Truth In Labeling – This amendment would require any Senator renting accommodations from a organization which actively lobbies the Senate during that session of Congress to register as a lobbyist.

I mean, aside from not killing the person, which I continue to favor, as I expect visiting you in your current accommodations is much more pleasant.

Annette Gerritsen of the Netherlands, on the difference in accommodations for the speedskating teams.

Not wanting to be subject to racial discrimination in employment or public accommodations is a “mere preference.”

Racial discrimination in employment or public accommodations is never positive and is always evil and repugnant.

Either way you look at it, someone who advocates legalizing racial discrimination in employment or in the provision of public accommodations is fairly described as a racist.

In other words, saying that you only believe in property rights, but not the right to be free from racial discrimination in employment and public accommodations is not a defense from charges of racism.

Failing to think that people should not have a right to be free from racial discrimination in employment or public accommodations is to assert that such discrimination is not a truly greatevil.

Emmanuel buttoned up his grubby jacket, plastered down errant strands of hair and approached Dover, the Edwardian-style apartment box that housed his “fully furnished short-term accommodations.”

If Islam is so important to these backward androids, they should immediately relocate to an Islamic Republic, not demand accommodations from the majority in a secular nation.

The sentiment in favor of such accommodations is nearly unanimous in the United States.

While traveling this last month we stayed in accommodations that also had these mini-splits and it acted as a calefacción (heater).

"In Africa, where the fabric tents are often adequate, they're going to be most appropriate for key infrastructure like medical centers, storage centers, offices for aid agencies and long-term accommodations for staff," he says.

But FEMA says it was up to the state to actually secure long-term accommodations for these officers.

The monks said the Monastery Inn in Canfield, which they opened at the former Canfield Colonial Motel, includes short - and long-term accommodations as well as a bookstore, a gift shop and a yet-to-be-completed retreat center, The Youngstown (Ohio) Vindicator reported Friday.

The company is working with those families to find longer-term accommodations, he said.

"We knew the market needed a long-term accommodations hotel," said Eli Adams, general manager, in a statement.

"We're going to have to look at ways to make sure lodges are short-term accommodations," he said, adding Aspen doesn't need more high-end condominimized units.

San Francisco, Vancouver and Washington D.C. The site, which offers savings on short-term accommodations, adding the cultural advantage of living amongst a city's locals, is already servicing Boston, Chicago, New York and Toronto.

It alleges the pair offered short-term accommodations to participants in "dating and mating" classes they held.

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