accommodating in a sentence

Sentence with the word accommodating

But when that we speak of suffering, we do not speak of a dull and neglected suffering, but of a wise and industrious suffering, which draweth and contriveth use and advantage out of that which seemeth adverse and contrary; which is that properly which we call accommodating or applying.

DC was fantastic in accommodating the art we wanted.

Too many male programmers seem to have no interest in accommodating women, and far too many of the rest are unwilling to speak up about it.

"There are other communities interested in accommodating a stadium facility, so I think we're very early in the process," Don Mazziotti, Paulson's development consultant, said Wednesday.

I think the committee as a whole was very courteous in accommodating all this but drew the line when this began to detract from the functioning of the committee.

Mexicans don't generally travel with pets and the hotel industry is not very interested in accommodating those who do.

How far do you go in accommodating these newcomers?

Most of the public bodies that have wrestled with the earthquake problem seem to have proven more successful so far in accommodating their own professional and bureaucratic habits than in doing things that would make a significant difference if a great earthquake should strike, say, next month.

Moreover, the formal legal system, at least at the local level, was not hostile to their presence on these terms and exhibited a fair degree of flexibility in accommodating not just single and widowed women, but also those married women who presented themselves when the letter of the law refused to acknowledge them.

The Agreement went well beyond the norms of international conflict resolution in accommodating deep differences of view on how Northern Ireland should be run.

She kissed me a thousand times, she kissed my beautiful infant; while Mr. Robinson employed the day in accommodating the business which had brought him to London.

Christ in accommodating their trial to their strength.

“The support that we have received from our retail partners in accommodating the incredible demand for the title has been nothing short of amazing,” said Steve Nickerson, Summit’s President of Home Entertainment.

The Right has made it quite clear that they aren’t interested in accommodating any ideas that don’t originate from them.

A restaurant that’s extra accommodating is refreshing (They’ll let me order that tuna fish & spaghetti platter if I want)

Since 5,000 hotel rooms, required to host the travelers, were not available the idea of accommodating the guests in the floating village was born.

Thus, according to this accommodating measure accommodating, that is, if you're determined to put a good face on a dreary report, inflation grew at an improbably restrained 1.33% in April-June.

The mind soon learns to run in small grooves, the heart grows narrow and contracted, and the moral nature becomes weak, irresolute, and accommodating, which is fatal to all generous ambition or real excellence.

While both men recognize the separate spheres of political and theological authority, Nussbaum places the emphasis on their notable differences: Locke rejects the idea of accommodating religious belief against a neutral civil law, whereas Nussbaum spins out Williams's logic in such manner as to compel religious accommodations.

One major exception was the lead vocals; all but two songs had their live vocals replaced by overdubs accommodating new lyrics written for the same songs.

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