accommodates in a sentence

Sentence with the word accommodates

The strategy title accommodates play for up to four.

The only language he accommodates is Arabic, spoken by at least 80 per cent of the population.

Yes, the way a rape victim "accommodates" to the weapon held to her head.

I have always believed that once you recognize a wrong you become an accessory to injustice if you continue to live in a way that accommodates that wrong.

So Ms. Van Ryzin helped her daughter Jean purchase a home in Gambrills, Md., that accommodates the two of them and Jean's three children.

Toronto City Centre Airport, the ten medical flights it accommodates every day, and the way it tells the world that a kid from Churchill or Iqaluit has the same right to the medical excellence of the great research hospitals of this city as a kid from Scarborough.

I hope your simple 'bag' technology accommodates the fact that the Martian soil is highly corrosive.

The NCC, like most of the Religious Left, defends or accommodates radical Islam, even as it denounces "fundamentalist" Christianity and condemns Israel.

And there are more minor incidents as well, the risks that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission willfully accommodates by rewriting safety precautions and relaxing regulations: cracked tubing, corroded pipes, broken nozzles, rust, and more.

Then, once spectators have negotiated the crowd management arrangements, which the building accommodates somewhat clumsily, they will enter a space that can only be described as stonking, a room big enough for more than 17,500 people.

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  • Synonym for "accommodates"
    • arrange, conform, adjust, suit, adapt
  • Antonym for "accommodates"
    • discommodate
  • Verb Forms for "accommodates"
    • accommodated, accommodates, accommodating
  • Phrases for "accommodates"
    • accommodates religion, accommodates people, that accommodates
  • Hyponym for "accommodates"
    • Seat, house, sleep
  • Hypernym for "accommodates"
    • provide, cater, supply, ply, fit
  • Cross Reference for "accommodates"
    • accommodate distribution
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