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The sitting-room has its solitary moments, when any two boarders who wish to meet may come together accidentally, (_accidentally_, I said, Madam, and

Both sides are unaware of the other until Zuckerberg's baby is officially launched and Saverin accidentally comes across a notice from the Winklevoss camp to take down the Facebook site.

I agree with Lois - Not only has no poet ever seen the kind of money James Patterson makes, there's also that smarmy tone Amanda Urban uses: when she says "some poet" she makes poets sound like something you step in accidentally on the sidewalk.

Sort of like how McCain accidentally revealed that he actually has no idea what Sunni and Shia are.

These mostly had to do with comically inappropriate gifts, the drunken, hilarious behavior of relatives and friends, punctuated, of course, with a few dark occurrences -- a car accident, a cousin accidentally cutting off two fingers with a machete, an outdoor cooking fire consuming a year's supply of valuable rastrojo (ground up corn cobs and stalks used for livestock feed).

Government contractor Lockheed Martin accidentally deleted ID card applications for 3,000 seaport workers ...

When a coin accidentally drops into the slot, it dispenses a peanut.

And come to think of it, leaving it somewhere that people could find it completely accidentally is also something I would do ... blog comments powered by Disqus

Could they have been introduced accidentally from the Channel Islands, or the continent, as Jon suggested for the other possible colonies?

Wendy WaterBirde said ... whoops, a comment was just sent in accidentally, hadnt even proofread it yet, I'm sure its filled with typoes and such and I apologize.

BLITZER: Could your name accidentally show up on a terrorist watch list?

Maybe I deleted a tag accidentally when I did some of my mods?

Momentarily irritated when Khalid El-Amin accidentally hit him across the face in the second half, Szczerbiak slammed the ball to the floor before breaking into a smile and then slapping hands with El-Amin.

The Air Force led us to believe that Dad's plane crashed into a mountain accidentally and without warning.

Never to allow a patient to be waked, intentionally or accidentally, is a sine qua non of all good nursing.

"No. I never saw you till to-night, but I learned your name accidentally, and I'm anxious about your soul."

The punishment was one whack of the chopsticks for every English word accidentally uttered.

Because it's easily parseable AND verifiable, it's (somewhat) safer for external automated tools to manipulate the file without screwing you over "accidentally" -- e.g. adding and removing files from the build via an IDE.

In addition, she also apologized to PETA earlier in the week for wearing fur in an ad campaign "accidentally" - and admitted that her and husband Chris Martin are "pretty much vegetarian" and that its the "best thing for her family's health as well as for animals and the environment."'then she released this today:

but i dont really blame that someone who accidentally spoiled my mom's birthday event. the word accidentally make me cair. "ok, never mind"~i replied. "may be, i can offer you other cuppies or cheesecake this weekend. foc!"

I accidentally the whole thread.I accidentally the whole website.I accidentally your mom.I accidentally inside her.

Example 1: Missing pronounPerson 1: I cant believe not coming.Person 2: What? I think you accidentally your post.Example 2: Missing period {2 options}Person 1: She was running {period} until 5pm {period} I was watching TVPerson 2: What? I think you are missing a period. You accidentally there.

person1: I accidentally the whole bottle. person 2: What? Person1: You know when you and then the bottle gets stuck? Person1: oh wow, that sucks man.

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