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Reporters soon adopted the phrase accidental attack, a description that frustrated Pentagon officials, who felt it minimized the ferocity of the sustained assault that had killed or injured two out of every three men on board.

Nor again (b) will ‘white’ have another term accidental to it, e.g. ‘musical’.

In 2007, Greg Parks was prepping his kids for the Florida state test, but in what he calls an accidental peek at the test, the middle-school math teacher noticed a troubling choice of words: Instead of asking kids about the volume of a can — the example he and the textbooks had been using — the test asked about the volume of a swimming pool.

And so, these are what I call accidental guerillas.

It is natural to conclude, therefore, that they have some hidden property which saves them from attack; and it is easy to see that when any other insects, by what we call accidental variation, come more or less remotely to resemble them, the latter will share to some extent in their immunity.

And as to the mechanic also -- the carpenter, the mason, the blacksmith, the tool-maker of any kind -- there are a thousand circumstances, which we call accidental, that mingle their influence in giving quality and durability to their work, and prevent us from making

Its curves are arbitrary, and what we call accidental, but one after another follows it as if he were guided by a chart on which it was laid down.

"When I came across these answers, which I call the 'accidental discovery,' I wasn't seeking the information," Piccirillo told

That which we see happen, does happen; but it might have happened otherwise: and God, in the catalogue of the causes of events which He has in His prescience, has also those which we call accidental and voluntary, depending upon the liberty.

But John J. Lentini, a fire expert from Florida, told the court Thursday that forensic evidence once thought to prove that fires were deliberately set has since been shown to be present in accidental fires.

This second hero's presence, if not accidental, is whimsical.

Maybe we all looked too grief-stricken to be murderers, or Papa had strings he pulled, for again another death at Whitefern was called accidental.

The Lamb dip allowed a new kind of nonlinear Doppler-free high resolution spectroscopy, albeit limited to the study of laser transitions or to the "inverted Lamb dips" produced by molecular absorption lines in accidental coincidence.

LEMON: He became known as the accidental president and accident prone to boot.

As if it had not been accidental, where the word accidental is used in the sense of the schoolmen and logicians, as opposed to the word essential.

"I jest run acrost the word accidental-like," I told him.

These means of transport are sometimes called accidental, but this is not strictly correct: the currents of the sea are not accidental, nor is the direction of prevalent gales of wind.

The name was an accidental corruption of the Greek word Kuklos, a circle.

We have noted the fact that in a basin of water the direction of the whirling is what we may term accidental -- that is, dependent on conditions so slight that they elude our observation -- but in hurricanes a certain fact determines in an arbitrary way the direction in which the spin shall take place.

Otherwise, for aught we can tell, the resemblance may be purely accidental, like that of the French words for "mouse" and "smile."

Watch out! There's an accidental in that Lexus in the next lane.

I've never had anal sex, except for that one accidental.

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