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Sentence with the word abut

What political operatives do not want to talk abut is how few voters can possibly be affected by a campaign.

I simply rehydrated my dried cranberries in abut 1/3 cup of bourbon by letting them soak in it for about 30 minutes (you can also zap the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds to help the process along).

I do think for everything its worth Starwars should be the top but all i really care abut is Alien is there No ammount of spaceships can be as cool as a little squirmy thing bursting oout of a guys chest then devouring a crew.

I don’t recall him ever uttering a word abut mitocondria, or genetic clocks.

I'm almost certain that I won't be able to be part of that "you" he was talking abut, which is why I feel some envy in the best sense of the word: in admiration for your work and your future, your inspiring struggle and your feelings.

'Oh – a – he will have left word abut the car in any case.'

Congress should pass a law, declaring that if the Attorney General of the United Slates should, when on a visit to his friends and family, be guil - ty of singing Yankee Ddodle, bis bonds shall be forfeited t What would the honorable gentleman say to such a statute 7 But, sir, suppose, instead of making this a part of the statute regulating the office of Attorney General, we should place tt in the middle of abut which is now before us, en - titled "Ad act for altering the name of the district of Nanjemoy into that of St. Mary's?"

You must get lots of questions abut Rob and Kristen.

We all can come up with our own opinions abut what he might actually be.

At Saturday's lunch, Quincy Jones noticed the pin I was wearing on my lapel, a reproduction of the Henry Mancini stamp, and we both reminisced abut how much we miss the great composer.

I find that the calculated distances from Jerez, ZAC to Saltillo, COA of 409 to 519 km is correct within 50 km (abut 30 miles) as measured on my trip odometer and the time calculated at 4: 43 minutes to be within range of the 4: 30 minutes I have experienced over the years via the old two lane highway with good surface.

HEALTH CARE reform is not a joke it is abut savbing EVERYONE each dahy that goes past the costs get higher.

Kerry, abut the part after it where he riffs on Cindy McCain is just plain mean.

There's no allowing abut it; Mr. Chasse had a right to be there, just as much as you and I.

If your spelling and grammar are any indiction of your intelligence level, you are saying more about yourself than abut the subject. phillip Marlowe

Ms. Solis talked abut her humble roots and her ability to identify with struggling workers.

Two other senators on the panel, Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) also had questions abut the role of the ODNI, which was created in 2004.

I grant MY his point, the current situation arising out of the Isreali elecyion is not a result of the structure of Isreali elections as such (though see my comment above abut similar problems on a very different scale in NZ).

I have heard bug repelent with deet is hard to find in Mexico and my housekeeper always asks me to bring down multi packs of the CFL light bulbs (4 pack at US home depot about $7USD) that cost abut $8 USD each in Mexico ...

Amazon made the list because it's the place you can buy just abut anything.

When u sit down on bleachers at a very popular sport event or circus, your butts would then be abut.

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