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Sentence with the word abstruse

Very enthusiastic, I remember they said you were, on certain abstruse points in comparative philology.

Greek, and Hebrew languages, and perfectly well knew not only the sciences called abstruse, but those arts which come under the denomination of polite literature.

Madam, all minds are not gifted with the necessary qualities which the delicacy of those fine sciences called abstruse require.

I am now approaching the border land of what may be called the abstruse in science, in which I humbly acknowledge it would take a vast volume to contain all I don't know; yet I hope to make plain to you this most beautiful and accurate method, and for fear I may forget to give due credit, I will say that I am indebted to Dr. Hastings for it, with whom it was an original discovery, though he told me he afterward found it had been in use by

I choose to believe instead that Spinrad is engaging in some kind of abstruse wordplay in which “Mike Resnick is an African SF writer” is revealed to be a pun or a palindrome or something, rather than something that he thought would be a useful addition to the discussion.

Belle does some kind of abstruse Boswellising; after the first meal, having gauged the kind of jests that would pay here, I observed, ‘Boswell is Barred during this cruise.’

Newspapers are busy with extracts; -- much complaining that it is "abstruse," neological, hard to get the meaning of.

(And as long as you're looking stuff up, please check "abstruse" for me.)

I would rather phrase abstruse medicaments of rare application; perhaps it is not very necessary, but at least it isn't cheap. "

Many hedge funds piled up fortunes with abstruse mathematical trading strategies that paid little attention to the individuals or companies underlying their trades.

The final shot of the sun rising above amorphous clouds takes what is potentially pedantic and abstruse material and places its origins in the essence of the human spirit.

I didn't really care if my daughter used black in her artwork or not, that was her choice, but I thought that keeping black away in the name of an abstruse grown-up theory was too much for a fifth-grader.

The administrative, legislative and deliberative process by which Anderson ultimately became the first openly gay person ordained for ministry by PC USA is so dense and abstruse it would take a master's degree in public policy and administration to track and/or explain it.

Behind the abstruse terminology lay one of the peak accomplishments of physics.

When it comes to marketing luxury skin-care products, abstruse scientific arcana can be a seductive selling point for men.

This is not an abstruse German linguistic crux, but the solution to a simple question.

That helps get people to care about an otherwise rather abstruse controversy, but it also relies on some questionable leaps of logic.

Hmm. I also agree with you that the metalanguage (noun-like events and verb-like acts) is fairly abstruse and unlikely to be of much practical use in the classroom.

But he had a certain clear way of stating the abstruse in simple language, was a born expositor and teacher, and was not above the soap-box as a means of interpreting economics to the workingmen.

According to the article, the issue is about to take on heightened urgency with the release this week of the International Atomic Energy Agency Report, which is expected to spell out that Iran has conducted tests on nuclear trigger devices, conducted abstruse experiments to spark a nuclear reaction, and, of particular concern, wrestled with designs that can miniaturize a nuclear device into small confines.

Who's the Boss is not a food, Lois

Dunno what that fucker means! -Oh, so he is difficult to understand? AbsoFuckinLutely!

Heinrich: I find this algebraic equation very abstruse... Jiminy: Very funny Heinrich. Our teacher went through that type of equation this whole week!

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  • Synonym for "abstruse"
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  • Antonym for "abstruse"
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  • Same Context for "abstruse"
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