abstracts in a sentence

Sentence with the word abstracts

Did Iowans have to pay lawyers to revew the title abstracts and make judgments about the issues presented?

If one abstracts from the cost of renting vineyard land or (as Steve does) purchasing grapes, then a $10 assessment for the production cost of 750 ml. of serious wine (implying inter alia controlled yields; hand - or highly strategized machine-harvesting; extended élevage = upbringing &c.) is still plausible.

* DEADLINE for submission of abstracts is DECEMBER 19 at 5: 00pm.

The due date for abstracts is only a few days away — 5 September 2008 — but we are told that they will be happy to accept abstracts and full submissions up until 26 September 2008.

I liked how Oates established the mundane so well in the beginning followed by a total destruction of normalcy, how Connie abstracts from the situation in dealing with it.

The closing date for the submission of abstracts is 7 September 2007

JournalJunkie provides medical professionals with immediate audio access to abstracts from the latest medical journals.

You speak in abstracts and avoid the details that (like it or not) the world moves with and reacts to.

Swift falsifies his picture of the world by refusing to see anything in human life except dirt, folly and wickedness, but the part which he abstracts from the whole does exist, and it is something which we all know about while shrinking from mentioning it.

We are not all professors who deal in abstracts, so we coin some.

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    • withdraw, separate, abstruse, difficult, abstracted
  • Antonym for "abstracts"
    • enlargement, extension, whole
  • Verb Forms for "abstracts"
    • abstracted, abstracting, abstractness, abstracts
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    • theoretical, notional, ideal, ideational, conceptual
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    • abstract of title
  • Same Context for "abstracts"
    • scientific, philosophical, vague, basic, exact
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