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More abstractly: is human love the opposite of religion or another version of it?

TP, I do not know enough about birds and their language capacities to comment but would say that the capacity to think abstractly is causally linked to a human capacity for communication.

"Godhead" means "The essential and divine nature of God, regarded abstractly" and that the Greek words translated to be

When I say "value", I'm not using that term abstractly - I mean the bottom line, practical dollars and cents value of visual effects to the film, television and video game industries.

"I am what you might call abstractly anti-capitalist," he says.

This way, I can find it kind of abstractly amazing and a bit of a relief that our body can recognize something really not right from the start and scrap the project, not having had that bit of investment that might have come from a positive.

But empire can be described empirically (which is not quite synonymous with "abstractly").

It tries to get at your emotions a little abstractly, if that makes sense.

But if we can think more abstractly about what a game is in the first place, I think we can find a lot of cross-pollination between written artforms and visual-interactive ones.

Granted, that game was rated M from the start, but I don't remember any controversy surrounding the subject matter, and rape was not only expressed abstractly with the disturbing imagery of the seen but referenced directly in spoken dialogue.

Whether, like Messrs. Stephenson and Hoyland, they painted abstractly themselves or, like Messrs. Caulfield and Kitaj, they developed an individual approach to reference or, like Messrs. Walker and Hodgkin, they arrived at a hard-to-classify territory between the two, as young painters in Britain their eyes were opened to new poss ibilities by such touring exhibitions as a 1959 show of Abstract Expressionism.

Those who write about sex and sexuality from an ecclesial perspective are usually intellectuals, academicians and professors who approach the subject so abstractly in convoluted, scholastic language; a prime example of this would be John Paul II himself in his Wednesday talks on the Theology of the Body.

Marian piety must be kept strictly bound to Christology and must not be withdrawn or abstractly viewed into partial mysteries of the Christian faith but open the Church up to the breadth of the mystery of Christ in his incarnational ministry.

There is something about holding the past in your hand, not just reading about it abstractly.

But not only does this bill not affect any couple already married in Maryland, reframing the debate abstractly distracts from the very tangible protections that we seek for our families.

He has grappled with that his whole life, and if you look at his iconography, there's always this one world, and then another, whether portrayed literally or more abstractly.

The text is also, of course, antiracist and toward the end heavily, abstractly antiwar, with the blame for these evils placed squarely on men.

And yet there's a substantial number of voters and commentators who seem to abstractly favor the idea, despite the fact that it will, in practice, make most of our problems worse rather than better.

Sorry … I never learned how to read between the lines or to think abstractly.

At the same time, I found it difficult to think abstractly and somewhat difficult to speak.

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