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We are, then, shut up, apparently, to the conclusion that Milton intends to treat what we know as abstractions, the virtues and the vices of our moral constitution, as actual, independent beings in the invisible world.

The problem with such kind of abstractions is that they leak too easily, leaving the developer in a situation in which he must uses the abstraction only for simple things and break it every time something more complex is needed.

He doesn't deal in abstractions or what policymakers in the Pentagon and White House think.

The immediate contents of direct experience cannot be reduced to the mere sensory datum of Hume, the latter in fact being rather egregious abstractions from the extraordinary wealth of actual experience.

It's hard to fluff the couplet unless you're dealing solely in abstractions, which should be a warning about the abstractions that too often pass here for reasoning.

To date the greenhouse-effect debate has been largely carried out in abstractions — arguments about the distant past (what do those 100,000-year-old ice cores in Greenland really tell us about ancient temperatures, anyway?) coupled to computer-model conjecture regarding the 22nd century, with the occasional Hollywood disaster movie thrown in.

Reconstructing the nonextant plate text, like recovering manuscript or fair copy, aims at capturing the historical moment of first creation, but it resulted in abstractions of the kind Bob referred to as the "work" level, because the excavations cannot be verified and the methods deducing them are suspect.

The ability to form abstractions is undoubtedly inherent in our brain, this marvel of

Another good Tory Parliamentarian, Edmund Burke, said almost 200 years ago, Abstract liberty, Sir, like other mere abstractions is not to be found!

In short, a lot of the Confederate soldiers who didn’t own slaves themselves were nonetheless men who aspired to have slaves — and it may have been this material ambition, much more than belief in abstractions like “Southern honor and states’ rights,” that made them take uparms.

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