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Hence the term abstinence may be taken in two ways.

In this sense morality can vary from person to person and while the same can be said for Christians, there are basic tenets that all Christians believe, and in most faiths in general with the exception of some oddballs, and that is, the ten commandments or equivalent, especially in regards to killing, raping, stealing, etc. in which hopefully abstinence is reinforced by the belief in an after life and the accountability of bad behaviour.

I have since decided that abstinence is the best course of action for ME.

Bristol Palin admits abstinence is "not realistic."

Except me, having spent the season in abstinence, chastity and Good Works.

He believes in abstinence-based sex education and the over-lapping of religion and government.

I have about two pregnant 16 year olds in each of my classes and feel that a lesson in abstinence is much needed.

While abstinence is the safest form of birth control, the educational approach you advocate in fact leads to drastically worse outcomes than does comprehensive sex education.

She believes in abstinence-only programs and not the teaching of sexual education.

The content was more along the lines of the inherent risks of STDs and the fact that abstinence is the only fool-proof method of avoiding them.

Notice the section where it says “kids in abstinence only education are less likely to have sex than kids who recieve no sex education” ..

Terminate direct services to anyone in the sex industry unless they were not in the sex industry and committed to abstinence from the sex industry.

I was glad to hear that abstinence is upheld in the first two books of the series, and to hear that this message resonates with many teens.

I don't favor abortion as a form of birth control, but realize that nothing but abstinence is 100% fool-proof.

It sends a message that abstinence is an option, that it's okay, while also sending the message that people care about them and want them to be safe and lower the risk of a teen pregnancy.

Also, if one more person complains that supporting abstinence is setting women back 30 years, I will slap them.

While 46 percent of the women surveyed were willing to engage in abstinence versus losing their Internet, only 30 percent of the men surveyed were willing to do likewise.

In the electronic age printer abstinence is more possible than ever, but when you absolutely must print something for one reason or the other, keep these tips in mind.

Guess her no to birth control in schools and abstinence is the best birth control did not work out so well.

These are the parents who raised me to believe in abstinence until marriage.

ATM= abstinence till marriage

1. I'm atheist, skinny, and have a boyfriend, but I practice abstinence because I'm smarter than getting pregnant when I'm 15. 2. OMG, can u lyk b leev tat Sara iz abstinent?

Abstinence is the best form of protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Shut the hell up you whiny bastards. Abstinence is a choice that you can't force people to make. And for the sake of argument, I'm still a virgin so you can't say I'm on the side of having sex either.

1) Marco practiced abstinence to end his addiction to cigarettes. 2) Emilia used abstinence to stay sexually pure for her future husband.

The AIDS virus can easily go through the latex molecules in a condom.

Abstinence HIV cannot pass through latex, you jackabillies. Check a few reputable internet sites.

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