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Sentence with the word abstaining

His piety and wisdom were proverbial among his countrymen at an early period; probably owing to that noble proof he gave of faithfulness, combined with wisdom, in abstaining from the food sent to him from the king's table, as being polluted by the idolatries usual at heathen banquets (Da 1: 8-16).

US abstaining from the resolution means nothing much at all.

He'll be abstaining from a lot of votes, then, if he's a man of his word!

Now, if AP really wants to make a point, it should see how many Television Critics Association members it can talk into abstaining from the tour (since they are print and online journalists).

When the Emir heard this, he cried out and the tears ran down his cheeks and he exclaimed, “By Allah, from the world abstaining is the wisest course and the sole assaining!”

Rejoined the Queen, I would not trust thee though thou shouldst swear to me an hundred oaths; for such abstaining is not possible, and I know thee to be a son of Adam for whom no oath is sacred.

Here the difficulty in abstaining from quotation is less, seeing that it would be difficult to find any extract short enough not to be spoilt by condensation.

The practice of the Jews in abstaining from eating this in the flesh of animals, is not founded on the law of Moses, but is merely

Without the slightest assumption of credit to this Journal for having done anything beyond its duty in abstaining from cynical or hostile comment upon the frightful struggle in the West, we may fairly assert that at no period of the war have we permitted ourselves to be irritated into printing aught that, on its re-perusal when the contest shall be over, can properly give offence to American readers.

'To be miserable,' answered Orlando, 'in abstaining from what is wrong.

All these and any other considerations which may have actuated the Confederates in abstaining from recruiting their armies from the negro population appear to be yielding to the inevitable necessities of the war; and we hear that "the time has come to put into the army every able-bodied negro as a soldier;" it is asserted that "he must now play an important part in the war, that he caused the fight, and he must have his portion of the burden."

But, supposing the reason assigned by Earl Russell for declining the offer of Mr. Seward to be the only one that exists, it is a fair question for consideration whether our Government are not abnegating national rights, or, at any rate, abstaining from the exercise of them, beyond the limits imposed by the exigences of the situation; and whether, on the ground of what we now refuse to do, demands may not be made upon us hereafter which we shall certainly resist, even at the cost of war.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, the leading characters in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, may be models for abstinence and chastity, but the movie’s hardcore fans are not abstaining from the box office and their fervor for the Summit release is anything but chaste.

Traditionally in the Catholic Church, Lent was a time of fasting -- defined as abstaining from meat and limiting oneself to one full meal a day, usually around noon.

The praises of virginity are excessive.] 99 The Ascetics (as early as the second century) made a public profession of mortifying their bodies, and of abstaining from the use of flesh and wine.

He could recall abstaining just once on an issue when it directly involved a township case he had worked on as an attorney.

Though teenagers have the right to understand the idea of abstaining from sex until marriage, it doesn't in any way guarantee that they'll know how to be safe if they choose not to remain abstinent.

We won't call it quitting, we'll say she's taking care of her family .... suddenly and unexpectedly ..... running to the other room to make sure her daughters are 'abstaining' from using condoms!

Susan Neal tried to finesse by "abstaining", but Council Attorney Drew Rees reminded her that by state law, an abstention is effectively a "no" vote.

Raju, who is in judicial remand, is "abstaining" from court proceedings since September,

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  • Sentence for "abstaining"
    • His piety and wisdom were proverbial…
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  • Synonym for "abstaining"
    • relinquish, refrain, give up, forbear, withhold
  • Antonym for "abstaining"
    • indulge
  • Verb Forms for "abstaining"
    • abstained, abstaining, abstains
  • Phrases for "abstaining"
    • Doesn't abstaining, abstaining Ambassador, abstaining allowing, By abstaining, States abstaining
  • Rhyme for "abstaining"
    • Alane, Aquitaine, Ayn, Bahrain, Biscayne
  • Hyponym for "abstaining"
    • avoid, keep off, teetotal, fast
  • Hypernym for "abstaining"
    • refrain, forbear
  • Form for "abstaining"
    • abstention
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