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Sentence with the word abstained

His immigration plan was quite moderate, and he abstained from the asinine FMA.

In that same vote, Israel abstained, apparently fearing international interference with their own outlaw nuclear weapons program, and Britain abstained in an act of diplomatic fealty to the “special relationship” between Tony Blair and George Bush.

In late years, however, he has generally abstained from the exercise of this right .

Yet, notwithstanding Sir Daniel Hall's arguments, with which I agreed -- and I voted according to his own statements -- he himself and the other government delegate from Great Britain abstained from voting.

During these movements we marched a dark night's march from Guinaldo, and, as the road was wet and far from good, we had several checks in the column, when I heard a conversation between a 16th Light Dragoon and one of the German 1st Hussars, neither of whom had abstained from the ingredient which formed the subject. 16th Dragoon: I say, Hussar, I likes it strong and hot and sweet, and plenty of —.

So, with the significant exception of Rousseau, they all abstained from the cant about the Partition which has so often been heard from European liberals in later days.

It might have been left to the discretion of the Hebrews, who it may be supposed (like the people of all civilized nations) would have abstained from the use of it without any positive interdict.

During this period, all the popes, without excepting Boniface VIII, abstained from the right of coining, which was resumed by his successor Benedict XI., and regularly exercised in the court of

They pretend, that as soon as the afflicted father discovered the falsehood of the accusation by which his credulity had been so fatally misled, he published to the world his repentance and remorse; that he mourned forty days, during which he abstained from the use of the bath, and all the ordinary comforts of life; and that, for the lasting instruction of posterity, he erected a golden statue of

During the twenty-four years of their marriage, her youthful husband abstained from the right of polygamy, and the pride or tenderness of the venerable matron was never insulted by the society of a rival.

Perhaps that reign would have been equally prosperous if the peaceful master of the East had abstained from the conquest of Africa and Italy: but as Justinian was ambitious of fame, he made some efforts (they were feeble and languid) to support and rescue his victorious general.

* The warmest applause has been lavished on the virtue of the Romans, who abstained from the exercise of this tempting privilege above five hundred years: 124 but the same fact evinces the unequal terms of a connection in which the slave was unable to renounce her tyrant, and the tyrant was unwilling to relinquish his slave.

The strangers retreated to their ships, but the populous sea-coast poured forth a multitude of boats; the waters of the Po were so deeply infected with blood, that during six years the public prejudice abstained from the fish of the river; and the institution of an annual feast perpetuated the worship of images, and the abhorrence of the Greek tyrant.

On the Sabbath after the assassination of the President the author endeavored to improve that sad event by directing the minds of his people to God as the Governor of nations, and to the fearful nature of those sins which filled the land with mourning - But he purposely abstained from a full discussion of the subject, till the intense feeling caused by the President's death, and the passage of the corpse through our midst, had subsided, that sober conviction might - take the place of momentary excitement, and we can calmly contemplate the solemn lessons God is teaching us.

a deity, which doubtless explains why his people, despite gross indignities and acute provocation, have to such a marked degree obeyed his wishes and abstained from the use of violence.

The majority of the Portuguese electorate abstained from the referendum, but the vote for legalization prevailed among those who chose to cast their ballot. so there’s a good chance he’ll ratify it, no?

Tymoshenko abstained from a vote in Ukraine’s Security Council last month imposing restrictions on the movements of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, which is based in southern Ukraine and was involved in military action against Georgia.

Just as he did on the Iraq war, where he said he had voted against the government but he lied, he had abstained, that is in two places at once?

In December 1942 he "abstained" from signing an allied declaration against the extermination of Jews, and when Jews were deported from Rome to Auschwitz "he did not intervene".

When it was over, Secretary of State Rice "abstained" with the following words:

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  • Sentence for "abstained"
    • His immigration plan was quite moderate,…
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  • Synonym for "abstained"
    • relinquish, refrain, give up, forbear, withhold
  • Antonym for "abstained"
    • indulge
  • Verb Forms for "abstained"
    • abstained, abstaining, abstains
  • Phrases for "abstained"
    • Syria abstained, rather abstained, either abstained, who abstained, They abstained
  • Rhyme for "abstained"
    • Alane, Aquitaine, Ayn, Bahrain, Biscayne
  • Hyponym for "abstained"
    • avoid, keep off, teetotal, fast
  • Hypernym for "abstained"
    • refrain, forbear
  • Form for "abstained"
    • abstention
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