absolved in a sentence

Sentence with the word absolved

"And yet," said I, smiling, "I cannot quite hold myself absolved from the charge of sensationalism which has been urged against my records."

The bear hug is a crude hold and easily broken by anyone not inhibited by a devotion to fair play, and when attacked without warning from behind, the Saint considered himself absolved from the code of gentlemanly conduct.

"When thou hast made a vow, do not seek to evade it, nor find excuses to get clear of the obligation of it; say not before the priest, who is called the angel or messenger of the Lord of hosts, that, upon second thoughts, thou hast changed thy mind, and desirest to be absolved from the obligation of thy vow; but stick to it, and do not seek a hole to creep out at."

The difference in vocal treatment comes in regarding the principal emphasis as absolute or final, as making the word absolved from, cut off from, the rest of the sentence following, and having a final stop or conclusive effect, while the secondary may be regarded as only relatively emphatic, as being related in a subordinate way to the principal, and as maintaining a connection with the rest of the sentence, or as hanging upon the words which follow, or as being a step leading up to the main idea.

The attack upon Chrysogonus is bold, and cannot but have been offensive to Sulla, though Sulla is by name absolved from immediate blame.

His warning came as the Azanian People抯 Organisation (Azapo) called for the prosecution of "apartheid assassins" who were "absolved" by the

Johannesburg's mayor in terms of the Gatherings Act. In a statement released at the venue, the SAJBD and SAZF's media response team, the two bodies "absolved" Wits "totally from any responsibility vis-à-vis the safety and security of members of the audience and the media".

Mr Niehaus said the ANC still supported the position of the students on Mr Justice Leon and that they had not "absolved" him of "passing death sentences for political offences".

The UK's Daily Telegraph declares today that cows are "absolved" of causing global warming with nitrous oxide.

Alberto de la Cruz: Pototo: I truly respect your opinion, but I have never "absolved" the RCC.

Eugene McGee and Craig McGee found not guilty of conspiracy over Kapunda Rd hit-run HIT-RUN widow Di Gilcrist will continue to campaign for a fairer justice system than the one she believes "absolved" her husband's killer of responsibility.

Gibbs added that the administration has not "absolved" the auto industries 'role in the financial fallout, but stressed that the financial problems of both GM and Chrysler resulted from the overall poor economy.

This past Friday, the Vatican "absolved" the Beatles, though their diary "L'Obsservatore Romano", after more than 40 years of the declaration of John Lennon, that, if you don't know, said: "The Beatles are more populra than Jesus Christ".

He "absolved" me of my sins without understanding anything I'd said, and assigned me the kind of penance he thought best befit an aging ingénue dressed like Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8: "Go to mass regularly.

He "absolved" me of my sins without understanding anything I'd said, and assigned me the kind of penance he thought best befit an aging ingénue dressed like Liz Taylor in Butterfield 8: "Go to mass regularly.

"absolved" of any gaffe by protocol "experts" because the Queen touched her first.

At the same time, it absolved those employees making less than $500,000 in total annual compensation at those firms that were bailed out more than once, saying they would not be subject to scrutiny.

When we make such resolutions, we feel virtuous, as if by acknowledging any failure on our part to behave in a moral or responsible manner over the past year, we become absolved of the errors of our past ways.

Some say they had been forced to sign confessions, and, while they have been set free, they still have not been absolved, leaving them stigmatized and under suspicion in their own community.

No doubt asking to be absolved from his 70 years of sins and murder! smegmabreath

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