absolve in a sentence

Sentence with the word absolve

This is God's forgiveness; and absolution is the conveyance to the conscience of the conviction of forgiveness: to absolve is to free -- to comfort by strengthening -- to afford repose from fear.

I must in God's name absolve her from sins that my human heart cannot forgive.

Are we really to believe supporters of universal coverage do so because they feel guilty over not giving enough to private charity themselves and feel a gov't program will 'absolve' them of this guilt?

Kovalchuk, we know that a lot of Devils fans aren't all that enamored of you right now, but we kind of absolve you as well.

Love for Kerala doesn't absolve Tharoor: BJP defence in parliament on the IPL row, the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Tuesday said his love for Kerala doesn't "absolve" the former

Tuesday said his love for Kerala doesn't "absolve" the former minister of wrongdoing.

However, does the host's principal role as comedian absolve him of blame for promoting a potentially-offensive caricature of his subjects?

Maybe we can absolve these poor unfortunates that are barely able to function, from all taxes, and continue with free food, free medical care, free cash, free education, and in some cases free cars.

And, although it doesn't absolve him of his responsibility to account for his actions, Greg Mortenson gets my gratitude for teaching me this yet again, and -- simply because he is human -- he gets my compassion.

They're supposed to absolve our leaders of blame for the consequences of their actions.

But that fact doesn't absolve Asian policy makers of their responsibility to do what they can to shield their economies from emerging excesses.

But taking that step can t absolve Barbour, the GOP and the white South of its ugly racial history.

But taking that step can't absolve Barbour, the GOP and the white South of its ugly racial history; a history that is certainly no shining example of racial justice and fairness.

But taking that step can't absolve Barbour, the GOP and the white South of its ugly racial history.

No amount of holy water sprinkled by the Rooneys can absolve him.

People who bash Obama and absolve Bush are an embarrassment to America.

This does not absolve individuals of the responsibility of trying to get more exercise and eat healthier.

The U.S. also cannot abstain and absolve itself from influence over the peace process.

Just because you get a few brown or black people to speak on your behalf doesnt absolve your organization from being racist ... "vigor said," Charges of Racism are a misdirection ploy for the Tea Partiers; Racism is merely one of their traits, it is not their goal.

But there was one more element to this, which was that the 1983 revision of Canon Law (the same one that provides that it's permissible for a priest to absolve someone with whom he has had sex, providing he doesn't recognise them) provided a statute of limitations of five years for all sexual offences which were not to be dealt with by the CDF.

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