abruptly in a sentence

Sentence with the word abruptly

Mellon, who sued her mother for £5m in a dispute over Jimmy Choo shares after her father Tom's death in 2004, left the label abruptly in November last year.

J.nnifer Lopez's split from Sony Music isn't quite as amicable as she wants you to think: evidently the label abruptly dropped J. Lo because of recent flops.

But should either term abruptly gain attention in the media, Mr. Usman might refrain from bidding until the issue dies down.

A part of the landscape is an interesting phenomenon; in amongst the endless fields, you will find the occasional lonely hill, rising abruptly from the earth and coming to a broad flat top ... utterly alien in that flat land, and upon reflection, very hard to explain.

Supposedly because he resigned abruptly from the shadowy government outfit he worked for, and The Powers That Be wanted to know why.

Then, as presiding officer, Cardin abruptly declared the Senate in recess until 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

See also the Sages who noted that the Hebrews had sunken to the lowest levels of the sexually and morally depraved Egyptian culture — having entered “49 of the 50 gates of impurity”, and that the reason they were taken out so abruptly is the danger that had they remained any longer, they would have sunken past the level of being able to be redeemend — as indeed 80% of them already had (seeRashi).

Not until Mister Haggin abruptly picked him up under one arm and stepped into the sternsheets of the waiting whaleboat, did Jerry dream that anything untoward was to happen to him.

An automobile, darting out from a cross-street, caused the driver of the wagon to pull in abruptly and apply the brake.

Uselly when a politician step down so abruptly is they are about to charged with something.

In a typical course, onset can begin abruptly with a very high fever, severe headache, extreme weakness, and general malaise.

One night I woke abruptly from a dream and scribbled it in a journal by my bed to read the next morning.

Shortly after the 2006 season, offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and quarterback Mitch Mustain abruptly left the team.

As Robin abruptly awakens from his reverie at the sound of Nelly's voice, the narrator closes out the poem suggesting that the two will unite despite his want of property.

The Doctor stares at Rose with large, dark eyes and then rises abruptly from the table.

After about 15 minutes, questioning was cut off, and the call abruptly ended.

Last night I woke abruptly from a dream in which I was reading the revision letter for the manuscript I'd sent in earlier this month.

The calls abruptly stopped as McConnell was released from the service.

He ended his call abruptly with the sound like yeaha.

The FDA and the anti-smoking groups need to embrace this product and support the appropriate testing, not remove it abruptly from the market and sentence over a million e-cigarette users to disease and even death by a return to conventional cigarettes.

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