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The Parliament of this country, elected by free men and women on the basis of free discussions which cannot be abrogated, is not just a club of good fellows who ought to do the nation's business in the shortest possible time and with the least possible contention; rather it is a body which should examine every proposal that is made to make sure that it is in the country's best interest; it is a body in which attention should be drawn to proposals that ought to be made but which are often overlooked, unless an election is just around the corner; it is a body which should scrutinize expenditures and inquire into the administration of public affairs to make sure that fairness, justice and equity are maintained.

The call to holiness through fasting has never been abrogated, that is, done away with, by the Catholic Church.

For example, Luther described the Letter of James as an "epistle of straw," and even Calvin recognized that the ceremonial law has been "abrogated" in use.

Tell him that all the nice bits of the Koran were "abrogated" by Allah when Islam became militarily more powerfull. journeyman

Have those verses been "abrogated" out of the present Qur'an?

Monsignor Kuriakose B. claimed that the Inter Caetera bull had been "abrogated" by two acts that defied the pope's anathema: First, "the unsanctioned and immediate expansion of the territory of Brazil to the west well beyond the treaty of Tordesilla;" second, "the colonization of North America and the Caribbean by the King of France."

Why is it that the auto companies and unions have contratcts that can be "abrogated" but the Wall Street recipients of bailout funds don't?

It also said that if the deal were "abrogated," there would be "no ground for the six-party talks to exist any more."

Just as the traditional Missal has never been abrogated, so too the liturgical vestments, vessels and furnishings used until the liturgical reforms have never been "abrogated" and may and should freely be used, especially if they are of artistic value.

Or have you abrogated your responsibility by turning everything over to the leader?

From the other side, progressives understand that she had the opportunity and obligation to impeach Bush and Cheney, and she abrogated her responsibility.

When Dawkins rejected God, he renounced belief in objective moral standards and abrogated the right to pontificate on them.

America has already abrogated its position in space.

Shocked and dismayed, the generals abruptly abrogated the election results.

For the same reason, Jordan's peace treaty with Israel is not likely to survive if Egypt's peace treaty is abrogated.

However, the President claimed the constitution did not provide him with that power, so he abrogated the document, reappointed the Bainimarma government and provided it with a five-year mandate, promising elections in 2014.

The first thing I thought when I heard the verdict last night was the the constitution was going to be abrogated and then Jack gave me hope that there might be another less painful way to make the whole thing go away.

The now abrogated 1997 Constitution, detractors argue, only codified those nationalist tendencies of certain indigenous Fijian political factions.

The incapable ailing Iloilo has not only abrogated the 1997 Fiji Constitution but in the process has committed treason at its highest order.

This includes fixing certain elements of the now-abrogated 1997 constitution, including voting reform and most likely deleting the provision that provides paramountcy to interests of the indigenous Fijian community over those of other ethnic communities.

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