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535 Here some abridgement is necessary, for we have another recital of what has been told more than once.

Now, that, my dear reader, is called abridgement, and it is frowned upon in literary circles.

I see "abridgement" on a book, I think, well I'm not getting the real deal.

These lines form a kind of abridgement or _précis_ of the whole

This is referred to in the next passage, where Theseus speaks of the masque as an 'abridgement' for the evening, that is, an entertainment to shorten the hours.

First, as mentioned earlier, the portions of the Lexicon that encapsulate plot elements or sketch plotlines bear no comparison with the guidebook in Twin Peaks, whose plot summaries giving "elaborate recounting of plot details" were found to constitute an "abridgement" of the original work.

An abridgement of Bloomfield's letter, together with extracts from

No voting qualification or prerequisite to voting or standard, practice, or procedure shall be imposed or applied by any State or political subdivision in a manner which results in a denial or abridgement of the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color ....

“The Populist Moment” is an abridgement published in 1978.

"This is an abridgement of our First Amendment rights."

But the real problem with "The Age of Movies" is simply that Kael doesn't lend herself to abridgement.

And fourth, it specifies that the abridgement of voting rights shall cause representation to be prorated according to the extent of such abridgement.

But unless a future originalist is heard on the issue, the “living Constitutionalists” will be deciding cases about tasty desserts while allowing Congress to enact every sort of abridgement of “speech”.

The ruling asks the church to abandon Catholic principles and beliefs; it is an abridgement of the First Amendment; it is not acceptable.

As defined by Hugh Holman in A Handbook to Literature, this meant that "a work of art means what it means in the terms in which it delivers that meaning, so that paraphrase, summary, abridgement, expansion, or translation is bound to miss the point, usually by understating the complexity and misconstruing the uniqueness of the original statement."

This not only violates basic principles of due process by depriving persons of property without a fair hearing and a reasonable opportunity to be heard, it also constitutes an unconstitutional abridgement of the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment.

Ampersand, the name by which we know & today, is a corrupt abridgement of the phrase, and first appeared in dictionaries in 1837.

In a co-production with WPAS, the Vienna Philharmonic will appear with Lorin Maazel in an abridgement of the orchestral music from Wagner's tetralogy called "The Ring without Words" this is Viennese?

One of those states, California, indeed, acknowledged a constitutional mandate to end marriage discrimination and married over 18,000 couples until the freedom to marry was selectively stripped away from one group of people, the intolerable abridgement of our nation's commitment to equal protection that is at the heart of the Perry case.

This is a point that Je Rinpoche made repeatedly, saying, The purpose of having personal advice instruction is to have a digestible abridgement (of the teachings).

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