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Can't a guy use the word abreast 2 : up to a particular standard or level especially of knowledge of recent developments without getting flogged?

But at that point, the picture began to change so rapidly that the symposium papers had to be revised for publication to remain abreast of international political developments.

Ticketholders were lined up four abreast from the entrance gate in a line that stretched 400 yards to Washington Road, which borders part of the property.

Certainly, to remain abreast of the rest of the world we must make some progress.

After a long time, an hour or more, two other nurses marched in abreast like soldiers, with a great clumping of sabots, and knotted the corpse up in the sheets, but it was not removed till some time later.

As they drew in abreast, Corry recognized him and halted the dogs.

Finally all three dahabeeyahs ran in abreast, and moored side by side in front of a row of little open caf├ęs just outside the town.

Admiral Ting formed his ships in line abreast, that is side by side with every bow towards the enemy.

"I've seen lots of cyclists ride two abreast, which is a big no-no," he said.

Thanks for your promise to keep us 'abreast' LMFAO!

Truly, the "old order changeth" and it is, perhaps, only proper that one should keep (if you will pardon the use of the word), "abreast" of the times.

The window was "abreast" of them, but also it was a trifle high.

The complete infusion here of the figure into the thought, so vividly realised, that, though birds are not actually mentioned, yet the sense of their flight, conveyed to us by the single word "abreast," comes to be more than half of the thought itself: -- this, as the expression of exalted feeling, is an instance of what Coleridge meant by Imagination.

Nor had she heard anything about the deputy's plans to transform the ministry, despite a commitment to keep the representative "abreast" of those plans.

Author's italics.] [Footnote 72: In line "abreast," as the word indicates, the ships are not in each other's wake, as in line "ahead," but abreast; that is, ranged on a line perpendicular to the course steered.] [Footnote 73: Rodney's Report.

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"Coach Kirk Ferentz is out of town recruiting, but he is aware of the situation and is being kept abreast of the progress being made," Gary Barta, Iowa's director of athletics, said in the school-released statement.

"Coach Kirk Ferentz is out of town recruiting, but he is aware of the situation and is being kept abreast of the progress being made," Iowa athletic director Gary Barta said in a statement.

Orde, who was praised when he was in charge of policing divided communities in Northern Ireland, admitted that the police were floundering in their efforts to keep abreast of activities planned over the internet.

Say, they went bulging into the great hereafter ten abreast!

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