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Sadness abounded from the tony homes of Birmingham to the silent streets of downtown Detroit.

But where sin abounded -- or, "was multiplied." grace did much more abound -- rather, "did exceedingly abound," or

How sin abounded we have read, to our great amazement, in the former part of the chapter; how grace does much more abound we read in these verses.

Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound (Rom.v. 20), and mercy rejoices against judgment, as having prevailed and carried the day, Jam. ii.

Sin abounded among the Jews; and, to those of them that were converted to the faith of Christ, did not grace much more abound in the remitting of so much guilt and the subduing of so much corruption?

But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: 21 That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.

Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound "(Ro 5: 20). with faith -- accompanied with faith, the opposite of" unbelief "(1Ti love -- in contrast to" a blasphemer, persecutor, and injurious. "which is in Christ -- as its element and home [Alford]: here as its source whence it flows to us.

As we have before mentioned, the law did not deliver us from the power of sin; but after grace came by Jesus Christ we are not under the law, but under grace, and where sin once abounded, that is, had power or dominion, grace now much more abounds; therefore sin has no dominion over us.

"Legal terms abounded in all plays and poems of the period," says Sir

As videogame hardware allowed for complex play and more vivid characters, shooter titles abounded catering to "hardcore gamers" seen as young men thrilled by blasting enemies to oblivion.

That was why Kitty Tynan had always a good background; for what her bright colouring would have been in the midst of gaudy, cheap chintzes and "Axminsters," such as abounded in Askatoon, is better left to the imagination.

In New England I found a ready market for the black walnut, white wood, and other lumber, such as abounded and was wasted in Canada.

In New England I found a ready market for the black walnut, white wood, and other lumber, such as abounded and was wasted in

I started to my feet, and then, clear of the intervening bush, saw only a great stone such as abounded on the moors in the neighbourhood, with a lump of quartz set on the top of it.

Not one lonely country house, such as abounded in the days of Edgar the Pacific, did they see standing, although they passed the blackened ruins of many an abode, showing where once the joys of home held sway.

It should not be left unobserved, and it is seriously submitted to the consideration of those who regard the stage as a school of morals, that the pieces which were best composed, best acted, and most warmly and generally applauded, were such as abounded in touches of delicate sensibility.

The particular sins which the prophet specifies are such as abounded among them at that time, which he makes mention of for the conviction of those to whom he then preached, rather than that which afterwards proved the measure-filling sin, their crucifying Christ and persecuting his followers; for the sins of every age contributed towards the making up of the dreadful account at last.

Later, though, word abounded that galley copies of the Science article were available soon after Goldin’s White House meeting, and from an unusual source—the mistress of Richard Morris, a close political advisor to President Clinton.

` showed, 'but "abounded;" and he said not "liberality," but "riches of liberality;" that is, an equipoise to the greatness of their poverty, or rather much outweighing it, was the bountifulness they displayed.

a cavern such as abounded in many of the granite and ironstone piles; but in every instance, after the men had plunged in boldly with bayonets fixed, they found the holes empty and were brought up directly, not even finding a sign of the place having been occupied.

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