abound in a sentence

Sentence with the word abound

'God is able to make _all_ grace abound, that ye may _abound_ in

To know how to abound, i far greater blefling then to abound* Eccl

Here again examples abound from the United States to China and many countries in between.

Jokes and disdain abound for non-performing lines, and Tube delays play a regular role in the daily hustle.

The only place where "realists" abound is in ivory towers, as I understand it.

At Famagusta on the south coast, where sunny sandy beaches abound, is the newly erected Grecian Hotel, considered to be very fine.

Wild his work is assuredly — extravagant sometimes to our wish, and supernatural even to the very limits of poetic belief; but the genius is stamped on every page: feelings such as the muse delights in abound, nay overflow, while a true heroic loftiness of soul, such as influenced devout men of old when they warred for their country, glows and flashes through the whole narrative.

And calls abound to avoid offending those who kill us.

Smaller-scale units of musical expression abound without being judged unworthy.

Two key words appear in includes doing good with our money], for at the proper time this verse: the word abound is used twice, and the word all we will reap a harvest if we do not give up "(Galatians 6: 9) or every five times.

In his description anatomical terms abound; thus, he has pain in his lungs, heart, or kidney, not in his chest or back.

I may be your youngest daughter, but it is said in the good book that the eldest shall serve the youngest, so, father, I really believe that the religion of Jesus Christ shall have dominion over the flesh, for where sin abounds grace shall much more abound, that is, as sin has reigned unto death, so much more shall grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The AGL Action Rescue Helicopter received a distress call abound 12.20pm and dispatched the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter 10 minutes later.

Instructions for usage, redemption and terms abound in the tiny text at the bottom of each one.

Leading labels abound with big savings on popular money-saving website as kids prepare for summer break

Chinese firecracker labels abound with traditional imagery, including Asian dragons, phoenixes, tigers and bats.

No witty turns of phrase abound that boggle the mind of the reader-just … nothing.

On the DVD side, new titles abound with both sets of

Where the land is less inun - dated the swamp and live oak abound, which is highest estimated for ship building.

"The smiling Garden of Persian Literature": a Garden which I would describe, in the Eastern style, as a happy spot, where lavish Nature with profusion strews the most fragrant and blooming flowers, where the most delicious fruits abound, which is ever vocal with the plaintive melancholy of the nightingale, who, during day and night, "tunes her love-laboured song": ... where the voice of Wisdom is often heard uttering her moral sentence, or delivering the dictates of experience.

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