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They first insisted that the abolition of the slave-trade would ruin the colonies -- next the _abolition of slavery_ was to be the certain destruction of the islands -- and now the education of children is deprecated as fraught with disastrous consequences.

For the attending audience, the term "abolition" was not a novel concept.

I understand the Rothbardian, knee-jerk impulse to say "abolish federal agency X," but I'm not sure abolition is even necessary, so long as people are allowed to "innovate around" existing bureaucracy.

The last successful American third party, the Republicans, had a noble cause in abolition and the dominant political imperative in American history: Union, and they elected several candidates to statewide office before Lincoln (their second Presidential nominee) won the White House.

The Genies are long out of the bottle as the Scots and the Welsh assemblies would now have to make a serious mess of it to earn sufficient enmity, nay the deep hatred of their electorates that their abolition is demanded.

The pantomime and melodrama versions of Obi, or Three-finger'd Jack played an important role in abolition debates and in the career of Ira

And in addition to the word abolition, which comes from 1787, we have slave driver.

In slave lands, the word abolition was about as polite as some of the more colorful expletives of a river rat.

One of the essential things to keep in mind in regard to its abolition is this-that the member whom we send to Parliament shall have no voice whatever in naming persons to the public service, or in determining the persons who shall receive government favors.

Ever after that, when I heard the word abolition, I felt the matter one of a personal concern, and I drew near to listen whenever I could do so, without seeming too solicitous and prying.

British "abolition" - the slave trade from an economic perspective

If the rights proponent focuses simply on "abolition" - that is, on removing animals from the property category - there's a danger of missing the positive need for free animals to procreate and experience their lives.

At least we can take heart that abolition is not far away, that day when the people’s natural right to cultural liberty has been restored, to freely share and build upon published works.

In Ohio, they come into contact with free blacks for the first time, and hear about the idea of abolition, which of course scares their masters who insist that slavery will always exist.

One, the "International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons" (I CAN), at www. icanw.org, focuses not just on the idea of abolition, but on building specific support for enacting a real Nuclear Weapons Convention.

In January, 2008, the idea of abolition the section 13 thought crimes provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act was unthinkable.

It was not my decision to remove the idea of abolition from any future referendum.

What I've found is that most people who have disagreed with me are actually in favour of abolition, which is an entirely logical and understandable position to take.

I was dissappointed when my party dropped the idea of abolition being an option in a referendum because it frustrates too many people like you who now feel disenfranchised.

The leading article protests against ‘that abominable and hellish doctrine of abolition, which is repugnant alike to every law of God and nature.’

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