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Our meal that day was what we called aboard ship a ` stamp and go, 'all of us who were drafted being too excited to think much of eating -- all of us, that is, excepting Mick!

Captain Hollinger -- for he assumed this title aboard the _Seamew_ -- looked at the two boys amusedly, then took each by an arm and propelled them toward the companionway.

A few months later, he was again aboard a Huey, this time on a classified mission.

It was my task to tally the pelts as they came aboard from the boats, to oversee the skinning and afterward the cleansing of the decks and bringing things ship-shape again.

Up and Over: While some dog vests now have grab handles, lifting a dog aboard is not difficult.

Weight, with a Leupold VX3 3. 5X-10X scope aboard, is 8 pounds even.

Also coming aboard is Kate Klonick, most recently β€” like me, like Laura McGann β€” of TPMmuckraker.

He was a good shot, too, and brought many a skin aboard under what the hunters termed impossible hunting conditions.

Foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann, left, chats with John McCain aboard the candidate's chartered plane last week.

When the Earth forces capture the signal and pinpoint its origin, a strikeforce, with Victor Hansen's own grandson Richard aboard, is sent to eradicate this abomination.

Mike McCurry, the president's spokesman, got the call aboard the 21st Century Express on Wednesday afternoon as the train approached Michigan City, Ind. It was Dick Morris with some awkward news.

The ark WAS huge, and the ability for younger/middle aged dinosaurs being aboard is not beyond plausibility.

American John Belsky, who raced with and helped the Swiss win aboard Alinghi early this year, will show the Cup in New

Richard's cabin aboard the BPS Sanctification had no windows, and though no doubt the bridge crew could view a multiplicity of video feeds showing the ship's exterior, he didn't have access to them on his little screen.

But an abrupt cancellation, the president took the call aboard Air Force One en route.

The one thing we continue to tell players about, the new ones that come aboard, is that we get excited about winning certain stages.

Rice is thankful the fans embraced him immediately when he was coming aboard from the hated rival team.

When the Liverpool grandmother started having severe chest pain aboard the England-to-Orlando flight, a stewardess yelled out, β€œIs there a doctor on the plane?”

He did make some calls aboard Air Force One, we are told, on his way back to from the Azores.

Another aspect of Leyland coming aboard is fewer at-bats for

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