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Sentence with the word abnormality

The keynote speaker wrote, "Antipsychotic drugs do not fix any known brain abnormality nor do they put brain chemistry back into balance."

Determining which of those women have cancer, The Lancet said, also will require 358 breast examinations by ultrasound; 313 biopsies, including 209 in which part of the breast containing the abnormality is surgically removed, and 500 additional doctor's office visits.

When a fetal diagnosis of a fetal abnormality is found, your referring physician should call our Center at 1-800-468-8376 (1-800-IN-UTERO) where our nurse coordinator will obtain your initial medical data by telephone.

Brain abnormality found in Alzheimer's disease related to gait impairment in older persons

Nowell called the abnormality the Philadelphia chromosome after the place of its discovery.

Use all these words like ugly and nasty and abnormality, which is not the kind of language you usually see, you know, in economic studies.

Because it is a general term, it is often used to refer to an abnormality that has been described but does not fit a defined category.

What I mean by believing the mirror, and breaking it, can be recorded in one case I remember; in which a realistic critic quoted German authorities to prove that Hamlet had a particular psycho-pathological abnormality, which is admittedly nowhere mentioned in the play.

1 - It's not really an 'abnormality' - AutoCAD has always behaved like this.

Woudenberg responds with a line I often hear: that if an unborn child has some kind of abnormality, it's best to abort him or her sooner and let the mother get on with her life.

All I need is a physical kind of abnormality to befall me, like hump or a limp then I would have a really Shakespearian experience!

The flourishing human trafficking is not that kind of abnormality: China's Stolen Children lucidly and convincingly ties thousands of kidnappings to the country's One Child Policy, which prohibits couples from having more than one child, with penalties for not doing so ranging from fines (usually five years 'salary) to forced abortions (in one instance, in the 8th month of pregnancy.)

While Quayle was hospitalized for pulmonary blood clots in November, tests revealed an "abnormality" on his appendix.

Say Jane and Sally are both accused of a similar crime, but Jane has a known brain "abnormality" that correlates with criminal behavior, but Sally has no such brain data to point to.

Practically speaking, there may not actually be better access, but there's more room for "abnormality" of all kinds.

Helped me go into my birth process without some programmed urge to inspect the baby for 'abnormality'.

He said he hasn't seen this kind of abnormality in a cat before and that it was more than just a murmur.

Occasions of ideology invoke pity and charity in belief of a cure, whereas occasions of social reality summon feelings of resentment and confusion over the "abnormality" of people with disabilities.

The other, Reuven Bulka, has written a book about the "abnormality" of gays and lesbians, and continues to sit on an advisory committee of an organization that, in Canada, would likely fall afoul of current hate legislation.

GUPTA: And he points out another virtue of a false positive: Simply having any kind of abnormality, even if it turns out to be nothing bad, can still scare people enough to make them stop smoking.

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